Friday, July 6, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you have all had a happy and safe holiday!  I pray that you will be blessed by today's message.  Keep an open mind. Pray for me and one another.  God bless you.

In the Bible there is a story about Jacob and Esau.  They were brothers, one was always working outside of the house and had very hairy hands, working hands, that was Esau.  Jacob stayed in the house most of the time with his mother.  Jacob was his mother's favorite, but Esau was the first born.  Back in those days, upon the father's death, the father would pass his blessings down to the oldest son.  Jacob's mothers knew that her husband was dying and so she devised a trick in order for Jacob to received Esau's blessings, while Esau was out hunting.  Anyway to make a long story short, that is exactly what happened, Jacob stole Esau's blessings, by tricking their father, who at the time was blinded and couldn't tell which son his was blessings. 

When Esau returned home he found out what had happened and not only did he not receive his father's blessings, his father left everything to Jacob.  Esau was very hurt, Esau was emotionally hurt by what his mother and brother had done to him.

I am going to talk about emotional abuse.  A lot of the times we only hear or primarily care about physical abuse.  I want you to know that emotional abuse is just as bad, because it leaves unseen scars on a persons heart.  Unseen scars are much harder to heal than scars that are seen.  I want to talk about the emotional abuse that a person goes through when they are constantly being accused or ridiculed for something that they have not done or maybe something that was done.  If you are the type of person that cannot leave the house without being accused of sleeping around, this can cause emotional abuse.  If you are the type of person that comes home from anywhere and have to get your phone messages checked or text messages checked, you are emotionally abused.  If you take a shower at a time that is not bedtime and have to explain why, you are emotionally abused.  If every time you put your phone down, you have to worry about what your spouse or significant other will do, you are emotionally abused.  If you have to spend hours of your time explaining your daily routine, you are emotionally abused.

What happens is your brain is going to eventually get overwhelmed with all of this turmoil and accusations that you can possible have a nervous breakdown.  The person that you have chosen to spend your time with should trust you and vice versa.  You and that person need to put the phone down.  Being emotionally abused doesn't show on the outside like physical abuse, that is why you are more susceptible to having a breakdown.  You emotions will eventually come out and you will eventually blow up. 

Emotional, physical or mental abuse is nothing to play around with.  You have a life and anything that disrupts your life such as those topics can and will eventually wear you down to the point where you probably will give up your freedom.  Your freedom to visit friends or even keep a steady job.

If you are having any of those problems and are in a good church, consider seeking counseling before your marriage is over.  If you are not marriage, consider not marrying this person until you seek help, marriage will not make him trust you, if will only make him worst, because of his insecurities, he will think that he owes you. 

I pray that this is a timely message for someone today, and that you can have a healthy relationship with your spouse or significant other.  God Bless You.