Thursday, August 8, 2013


Good morning, my sisters in Christ Jesus.  Today, I had another message for you, but I cannot give it today because the Holy Spirit has a different message.  Bare with me through this one as I listen closely to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.
You have probably heard the term, "pray until something happens".  Well, I was going to title that message P.U.S.H. but God says that is not so.  You do not have to pray until something happens.  I thought about it, the moment that I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that to me.
God says that our problem is not that we don't pray until something happens, our problems is perseverance.  God says that He hears us the moment we ask something of Him.  If you keep praying about the same thing, you are saying that you don't have the faith to believe that God will bless you with whatever you have asked of Him.  Our problem is that some of us are not willing to persevere until your blessing comes through.  Some of us that are willing in our mind to persevere, are not able to persevere in our hearts.  If we don't have the faith that God is working out all things for our good, then perseverance is going to be a problem.
When we are faced with the most difficulty of times, that is when we must have the most faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  There may be times in our lives when we think that God is not listening or that we have strayed so far away from Him that He will not answer our prayers or come to our rescue.  God says, "If you look back over some of the most difficult times, the times when you thought that you could not make it another step, and not only have you made it another step, but you have made it another day.  Think back over some of the worst situations that you were in, and remember that He did not leave you or forsake you.  Think back over some of the times when you even wished you were dead, it was God that held on to you.  Think back over the times when you didn't know where you and your children were going to live or even what you were going to eat, it was God that upheld you with His right hand.  It was God that fought the battles that you know in your heart that you could not have done it without Him.
God says, P.U.S.H., Persevere Until Something Happens.
I want to remind each of you that because you are in "Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry", you can call me anytime.  I am here for you, I care about your well-being and I genuinely love each of you.  Please don't every let the enemy beat you down so badly that he will even trick you into not calling me.  We can persevere together.  678-629-3179.