Monday, July 8, 2013


Good morning, Mighty woman of God.  I speak blessings of peace, love and joy upon your life and may you gain wisdom and understanding as you seek after our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit often speaks with me throughout the day.  He gives me guidance and messages for you and also for myself.  I am never above learning from Him.  Today, as I was driving from the Doctor's office the message for today came to me.  Here we go.

You know sometimes we think it is a good idea to always say what's on our mind.  We try to justify it by saying, we are trying to help our sister.  And often times we say, "I just have to get this off my chest".  So then are we really saying,
  • I don't care anything about your feelings, and I'm going to say how I feel anyway".
  • I don't care if your feelings are hurt, but I'm going to say it anyway."
  • I don't care if you get more depressed than you already are, I going to get this off my chest".
  • I don't care if you start to feel worthless or not, I'm going to say it anyway".
  • I don't care if you start to cry once I get this off my chest".
  • I'm not judging your situation, but If it were me I would do so and so".
  • I'm going to say what is on my heart and I don't care if it wounds yours."
There are so many times that we should seek God's counsel on how to speak to our spouses and friends but we don't ask God.  Sometimes you don't know if what you say to someone will hurt their feelings and sometimes we don't even care.  We just open our mouths and let the hurt out.  Maybe getting something off your chest is not the right thing to do at that moment.  You think that you may be helping your friend by getting it off your chest.  Maybe you should carry it on your chest a little bit longer until God tells you how to say or do something for that person.  Sometimes getting it off your chest will make someone else's chest hurt.
Sticks and stones may break but bones, but words will never hurt me.  That just is not true.  Some words hurt people so much that they become a person with low self-esteem.  Words are powerful.  Rather than building up one another, we flatter, gossip, slander and give them a piece of our minds.  As James says, "with our tongue, "we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of god.  From the same mouth come blessings and curses".  This should not be.  One way we can practice such love is through our words, not only what we say, but what we don't say.  Nevertheless, what comes out of our mouths is not the real problem.  Our fundamental problem isn't a tongue problem, it's a heart problem.  We need to watch our mouth, but more importantly, we need to pray and ask the Lord to guard our hearts.
Woman of God, it's time for us to stop hurting one another with either our words or our actions.  God expects us to encourage one another and lift up and not tear down one another.  Give this message some thought and maybe you will find that sometimes you need to pause before you play those hurtful words out of your mouth.  PRAISE OUR LORD!