Friday, August 10, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I speak blessings into your life and pray that this ministry has been and will continue to be a blessing to you spiritually.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, this is the time to "keep it together".  I can remember a time where we really did not have enough food to eat.  The Holy Spirit reminded me of the scripture that the Lord will supply all of my needs.  I took another look in my cabinets and refrigerator and I did find something to cook.  It may not have been what I wanted but it was definitely edible and enough for a couple of days.

Here is a list of items that you should always try to keep in your cabinet and refrigerator. Pancake mix (you only need water), rice (starch will fill you up) and it's cheap. Beans (very cheap and will keep you full). Applesauce (kids love applesauce), peanut butter, jelly, romane noodles, saltine crackers (they're cheap and you can use your peanut with them). Having just those items in your kitchen will go a long way. I know. It may not be exactly what you want at the time, but the main thing is that you and your children eat. Your children will never know that you are having financial difficulties.  Also call your local food banks, don't ever have too much pride, when you have children to feed.  I have gotten up four hours early to be in line for boxes of food and then had to push my cart a couple of miles home.  I did not care, my son did eat.  Things will get better, but for now, "keep it together".

Sometimes it looks like God is not concerned about our daily needs when we desire something that we already have.  You might be in a situation in your home and you think that God is not concerned about your well being, He is right there with you.  When you are suffering, God is hurting.  He never leaves nor forsakes you, although in your mind, he has left you a long time ago.  During this point in your life where you feel a spiritual drought, is when you praise Him more.  The Lord God wants you to keep it together.  Don't let the enemy see you sweat, don't let have a pity party, because God doesn't go to those types of parties.  Have a praise party and shake the devil loose.  It's okay to cry, if you have to go in the bathroom, cry and dry your face but "keep it together".

The Lord God is watching you, He wants to see if you pray anyhow.  If you praise, anyhow.  If you give Him glory anyhow.  God wants you to be matured in every area of your life.  He knows you can praise and worship Him when things are going great, but will you still praise and worship when things are falling apart?  Will you "keep it together?"  AMEN! GOD BLESS YOU!

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