Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I pray that you are all blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.  I speak blessings of peace and security in the Lord Jesus Christ as you continue in Him on your spiritual journey.

(Isaiah 40:28), Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.

There will always be times in our lives where we grow weary, tired of waiting on God to move or bless us in our circumstances.  Some people say, "pray until something happens".  As for me, I believe that there will be times that we should pray until something happens and other times where we should pray, give it to God in trust and let it go.

Why do I feel that way?  If you have a relationship with the Lord, I mean you hear from Him without a doubt on a daily basis, then you will also know when you are in spiritual warfare and have to keep praying for a breakthrough or keep battling until that things comes to pass.  Daniel prayed the same prayer for 21 days, Daniel did not give up on God.  He had the faith that God was going to bless him with an answer.  Then the Angel of the Lord appeared to Daniel and said, God heard you 21 days ago but I was fighting demons on your behalf and I finally had to get some help from the Archangel Michael.  So at last here I am with your answer from God (that scripture is paraphrased).  Daniel prayed until something happened.

Remember the man that approached Jesus asking for Him to heal his daughter because she was very sick.  That man had faith that Jesus was the Son of God and healing was all in His hands.  Jesus asked where the man lived and the man said, "Just speak the word and I know she will be healed".

Sometimes we get tired and grow weary while we wait on the Lord to answer our prayers.  Have you not heard, God never grows weary or tired.  God says that we should not let the fact that our prayers are not yet answered get in the way of our sleeping or resting.  We have to get to the point where we pray that prayer and rest in God.  God says that there are so many of us not resting and that a spirit of heaviness comes in and that will cause depression to come into our lives.  God says that resting and sleeping are two different things.  Some of us spend too much time trying to understand why, when and where God will bless us (His understanding, who can fathom).

If a spirit of heaviness is trying to creep into your house (your body, mind), the bible says to put on a garment of praise.  Praise God anyhow.  Praise Him for your answer.  Praise Him for your blessings, even when you don't see it, it's on the way.  God knows what He doing.  He has been at it for a long time.  Trust Him, He does not need to sleep for an hour.  He won't call in sick.  He is in this race with you and He will carry you when you are weary.  AMEN!