Thursday, June 28, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that this message will be a blessing to you.  I pray that you are blessed and highly favored of the Lord God today.

I dedicated my life to the Lord Jesus Christ when I was 19 years old.  I was not in a relationship when I was in my early 20's, so I thought that I was lonely.  (I used the key word thought).  I remember praying to God that He would send me someone to feel my time, someone that would make me happy.  About a couple of weeks later, I met my second husband.  I was definitely busy and he did feel my time with things.  I was introduced to cocaine and then I learned how to put it on blunts and hide it in my cigarettes.  I was abused physically, emotionally and mentally.  I was definitely busy, wouldn't you say?  In fact, I was busy for about 10 years.  I was distracted.

The enemy sent me a man that kept me from praying and even going to church.  I went to work on drugs and somehow managed to take care of my two children, on drugs.  I was in places that I would never had been, if it were not for drugs.  I looked over a lot of things in my life while I was addicted.  I spent time in rat infested houses just to do drugs.  Just by looking at me, you probably would never notice.  I was a working class addict.

Once I started living right and got back into the church, I realized why the devil wanted to keep me distracted.  God had a ministry for me and gifts He wanted to give to me.  The devil knew that as long as he could keep me distracted, I would never began my ministry.  The ministry that God anointed me for, would reak havoc in the kingdom of hell.  The more I learned about spiritual warfare, I realized that the devil tried to kill me.  To whom much is given, much is required.  That is definitely a true statement.

Woman of God, if you are at a point in your life where the devil seems to be reaking havoc, it is because he wants to keep you distracted.  As longs as Satan can keep you concentrating on the things of this world, he will keep you from the blessings of God.  There is a ministry that God wants to birth in you and the devil knows it and he is trying to keep you distracted.  He wants you to be distracted, worrying about your finances, children and your marriage.  He wants to keep you distracted, on drugs, drinking and partying so much that you won't even notice just how bad your life really is.  Satan wants to keep you distracted by using any means necessary, so that you will not be in the ministry that God has for you.  He wants to keep you distracted, so that darkness will overshadow the light of the Lord.  The more blessings that God has for you, the bigger the distractions in your life.

If you are going through a lot of turmoil in your life, it is because the devil needs for you to be distracted.  He is throwing everything but the kitchen sink in your path.  He knows that as long as certain people are in your life to keep you busy, you will be distracted. 

If you are distracted, it is time for you to be released from the hands of the devil.  It is time for you to start your ministry.  In fact, some of you that will read this message know that you have a ministry inside of you that needs to be birth.  Everytime you try to pick yourself up, the enemy pushes you back down.  You take two steps towards God and he pushes you back three steps.  The devil is cunning, wicked and very deceitful.  Don't let the devil keep you distracted any longer.  It's time for you to go forward and not look back.  Move forward into the ministry and spiritual gifts that God has ordained for you.  I need for you to realize that you are going through so many problems in your life is because the devil knows who you will become in God's Kingdom.  He knows that as soon as you are released from bondage, you will reak havoc in the kingdom of hell.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I ask you for forgiveness for my sins. Father God, I pray for the women that are distracted by the enemy for their release.  I speak freedom and liberty upon their lives in the name of Jesus.  I pray for the women  that can't feel your presence in their lives, Lord that they realize that you will never leave nor forsake them.  You are waiting on them, you have kept them safe through some things they never know existed.  Lord I pray for the women in abusive relationships, that they will gain peace and strength to come to you God, in Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all doing well today.  I speak blessing of strength and power upon your lives.  May God have His way in your life.

I have spoken to a lot of women and they have expressed to me that they have been waiting for God to bless them with the gift of speaking in tongues.  Well, I hope to be able to help those of you that desire to speak in tongues but have not yet received the gift today.

I come from a church that believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and all the spiritual gifts that are written in the bible.  Saying this, it is easier when you believe that God wants you to have spiritual gifts.  A lot of the times someone receives the gift in church services or when the pastor or minister lay hands on them.  That is always a blessing, but it is not the only way that the Holy Spirit works.  Sometimes you have to get out of your box-way of thinking in order to receive a spiritual gift from God.  Your way of thinking that someone has to lay hands on you.  They are only working under the power of the Holy Spirit, which means that you don't have to be in church services.  You can be in prayer in your room and if the Holy Spirit chooses, you can receive your gift.  The things is that you have to believe that God wants you to have exactly want you want when it comes to speaking in tongues.  This gift is a very unique gift and it only requires that you believe, then open up your mouth and speak.  When we speak in tongues, it allows us to get into the presence of God with ease because you are in the spirit realm.

One thing that I want you to do is believe and in faith you will receive.  Pray that God will bless you with the gift of speaking in tongues.  Stay in prayer for awhile.  If you just start speaking the Holy Spirit will give you the utterance.  It will not sound like much at first because you are in the first stages.  This stage is called babbling.  It sounds like you are just muttering, but trust me, if you kept at it, your muttering will change.  Just like a babies first sounds are never words, but when they keep at it, they eventually began to speak words, then sentences.  That is the same way that you will sound.  You have to keep babbling and muttering until the gift is developed in you.  A lot of people stop trying because it doesn't sound right.  Everyone that speaks in tongues have gone through the same thing.  It doesn't sound right, but you have to believe that it is right.  I promise you, the more you pray in tongues the more you will develop the gift.

If you are ever in a church service where everyone is worshipping and speaking in tongues, that is the moment that you should also be using your gift.  Because you are in a room full of worshippers and the spirit of God is moving in that place.  You might feel more comfortable with everyone else speaking in tongues.  Don't worry about how you sound, it is more important that you are in the presence of God.

For those of you that have the gift of speaking in tongues and don't use it.  I want you to know that the devil cannot understand you when you are speaking in your heavenly language.  He cannot block your prayers, you will be definitely confusing him.  Don't you think that it is time to confuse the devil for once?  I do.  He is always trying to confuse you.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father I thank you for your message on today.  Father I thank you that you give spiritual gifts for our edification and now Lord I ask that you bless the women that desire to speak in the spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues.  Lord those that are at the alter with you, bless them in the name of Jesus.  I speak the fullness of the Holy Spirit upon them right now in the name of Jesus.  I come against the enemy right now, that is trying to keep your women bound from speaking in their heavenly language.  Lord God, I thank you for your gift.  I speak life in their tongues right now and whosoever believes by faith they shall receive the spiritual gifts that they desire, in Jesus name, Amen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all doing well and God has met all of your needs and wants on today, for tomorrow is not promised.  My prayer is that you will be blessed by the Lord's message on today.

(Proverbs: 14:29-30), He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.  A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

Jealously, along with pride, are probably the oldest sins in the Universe.  They occurred before our earth as we know it now was created.

Lucifer was perfect, beautiful and occupied the highest standing among God's created beings, but he became jealous of God.  "How art thous fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!...For thous hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God...I will be like the most High".

I don't understand, nor do I ever think that I will, as to why there is so much jealously in the church.  People are jealous over someone else's position, blessings, anointing or gifts of the spirit.  This type of jealously in the church cause strife and division.  There is no need to be jealous over someone else's anointing, God is a big God, He has enough for everyone.  Don't ever be jealous over what another person has received from God.  We are suppose to be a Christian family, we are in this spiritual journey together.

First of all, while you are being envious over someone else's position or anointing from God, you never know what they had to go through to get where there are.  God does not bless you because you are you.  The Holy Spirit gives gifts as He sees fit.  You will get what God has for you.  But if you are jealous over someone else's spiritual gifts, that will only delay what God has for you.  I also want you to be very aware of what you are asking God for and the reason why.  Do you want the gift of prophecy because it looks good in the pulpit?  Do you want the gift of teaching because you will look good in the pulpit?  All gifts given by the Holy Spirit are for the edifying of the church, not so that you can look good or have people glorifying you. 

I have been blessed with certain gifts from the Holy Spirit but I must tell you that I did not ask for all of them.  I would have been perfectly happy just sitting in the congregation observing, rather than participating.  The gifts that I have does not allow me to do that. 

I was obediant to God and joined the prayer ministry.  But I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  One thing I did know was that God placed me in that ministry.  Sometimes one spiritual gift, will lead you into other spiritual gifts, becasuse you need them to be perfected.  I had to learn this as I grew in the Lord.  The gifts that I have has taken a lot of spirit warfare to go through to develop them and keep them.  I assure you that being a prayer warrior is not just praying for people.  I have to be anointing with the spirit of discernment and the spirit of knowledge to be able to pray for people effectively.  The spirit of discernment allows me to know what to pray for even if the person needing prayer does not inform me.  I also need to know from God what demonic spirits I am dealing with while praying in the spirit for someone else.  The spirit of knowledge allows me to hear directly from God as to what to do for that person in order for my prayer to be effective for them.  You will not want a person to pray for you that does not have any power or anointing.  That power and anointed is not cheap.  It costs me a lot.

Now, through all of this, don't be misled, Satan hates me.  All of the fears, addictive behavior, sicknesses, abusive relationship and a lot of other things that have come upon me; Satan has tried to use to keep me from getting what God had for me way before I had even attended a church. 

Also, you have to walk in your own anointing.  If you walk in your own anointing, God will perfect that which He has placed in you.  If you try to go in the enemies territory without the anointing and Spirit of God, you will be devoured.  If you are spending your time watching everyone else and desiring what they have, why do you want to walk in someone elses shoes?  What God has for you, it is for you!  What God has for them, it is for them!  If you are jealous and envious towards someone else because of their spiritual gift, you are opening the door for Satan to come into your life with a handful of demonic spirits, then you will have a lot more to worry about other than what position sister so and so got.  If you are faithful over a little, God will make you leader over many. PRAISE GOD! 

Monday, June 25, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for eacho of you daily and pray that your spiritual journey will be blessed.  As you seek a closer relationship with God, You will be highly favored.

I have a project for you to do.  Make a list of everything you need.  Then make a list of everything you want.  You can put them on the same paper, but make sure that you write down your needs first.  Pray to God over the items on your list, then place them in your bible.  Don't pray about anything on that list anymore.  You have already trusted God to meet your needs and wants. 

God will meet your needs and wants.  God wants you to be blessed.  He wants you to be prosperous in everythings that you do.  If your desire to the same as God's desires then you are on the same page with God.  Put everything you can think of on the list.  For example, on my list I had (job, car, finances, marriage, curtains, new computer, kitchen decorations, microwave, furniture, salvation for family members, shoes, etc.).  Those were items that I needed and wanted.  Everytime that I got something on the list, I would praise God and scratch it off my list.  Now, this is not a Christmas Wish List for God.  One thing that you have to have is a relationship with God.  If you don't even say one word to God for a year, don't expect Him to fulfill your hearts desire.  The bible clearly says, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and these things will be added unto you".  So there is a clause in that scripture (seek ye first).

I have had people give me things that was on my list and they had no idea.  God can and will use people to bless you.  I have had a neighbor move out of town and couldn't take their brand new recliner sofa.  Now, God ain't going to give you no junk.  God wants the best for you.  I told my son about my list and told him to do the same thing.  It has been over a year and my son is still marking things off of his list.  He got a nice home, car and permanent job.  The job started off as temporary, but God doesn't do temp.  So he is now employed full-time with the same company.  I don't know what is on his list, but every now and then I ask him if he is checking off his list.

(Psalms 37:4) Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of your heart.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

As always, I thank God for each of you and pray that you are growing in the Lord.  I pray that you are being fed the Word of God and are seeking Him with all of your heart and soul.  God bless you.

There are at least 220 women that are in the devotional group on my facebook, (Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry).  I have been sending daily messages to 220 women daily.  I have been praying for 220 women daily.  I have been calling out each name that I have written down and pray on a consistent basis.  I realize that not everyone reads them, but I have not gotten a release from God to let anyone go just yet.  I care for each of you whether you know it or not.  I have had the opportunity to personally pray for some of you and it has been a blessing to me and I pray that you have also been blessed.  The reason why I am writing this is not to glorify me but to let you know that God has not told me to stop praying for either of you.  I am happy about that.

God knows where each of you are in your spiritual journey, each of you, all 220 women.  Some of you are babes in Christ and some of you are more mature in Christ.  God doesn't care where you are, He just wants you to stay lifted up and know that He is God.  Nothing is too hard for God.  Some of you in ministry have the desire to have a closer relationship with God, but are just a little stuck.  Some of you need to start to have a prayer life, but don't know how to begin.  Some of you have made promises that you will start to attend church more often, but everytime you do, something always comes up.  Some of you have got it down pack, but need confirmation from God.  Boy, if some of you knew what I really been through in my journey to Christ, you would have more faith in yourself.  Not that I have arrived either, but I strive towards perfection daily.  Some of you have so much faith in God, but not enough faith in yourself.

Sometimes I looked out my bedroom window, and can't believe that I am here.  Just here, I should have been dead, if the enemy had his way, but God said no.  I struggle just like everyone else, but I realize that my struggles are my struggles.  I thank God for them (sometimes).  At other times, I think that I can't make it one more step and low and behold I made it one more step.  Drugs tried to kill me.  Abusive spouse tried to kill me.  Addictions tried to steal my peace of mind.  These are some heavy shoes sometimes, but I have lived in them.  This ministry is to let you know that I'm still here.  Whatever you are going through or have been through, the word through means you are going to come out.

I love the Lord so much, that I will continue to pray for each of you in the ministry.  Because of God's love for you, I love you too.  I love to do what God wants me to do.  It is not always that I am obedient (I'm human), but I give it my all, when it comes peoples souls.  God has plans for each of you 220, each of you, know matter where you are in Him.  He will continue to hear my prayers for you and deliver you unto Him.  No, I'm not all that, but I know who I am in Christ and sometimes you have to be bold, to remind yourself who you are.  There is never a doubt in my mind that God not only listens to my prayers but they are answers.  Know who you are in Christ and you can come boldly to the thrown of grace, those are Gods words, not mine.


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for you and pray that you are all doing well and being spiritually fed the Word of God on a consistent basis.
Have you ever had the opportunity to do something really big and just didn't want to take a chance?  Life is all about taking chances.  Some chances we take may result in a bad outcome and some resulted in a good outcome.  Anyway, you took a chance.  There are so many of us that have let our dreams go, in fear that we will fall.  Well, I say, take a chance, if you fall you've got cushion.  Get back up again and try another dream or another avenue to get to your dream.  As you get older, you will always have that "what if", in the back of your mind.  I know a lot of people that start college with one profession in mind, and as time goes on they change their mind.  Take a chance, you've cushion.  I have fallen so many times, I am glad that I fall in the right spot.  Just don't fall so far down that you can't get back up again.

The bible says "that faith without works is dead".  It took me a while to actually figure out what God was saying to us.  If you have a dream to do something that will make your life better and don't do anything, then you are not putting your faith to action.  If you have faith in God, then He expects you to trust in Him to put your plan to action.  Faith becomes dead if you are not working on whatever you are trusting God to do for you in your life.  So here you are, you say that you have faith, but you will not take a chance, then there's no works.  So faith without works is dead, and dreams and goals are never accomplished because you didn't put in the work to fulfill your dreams.  If you fall on your buttocks you got cushion!
Technology has changed a lot because someone put their faith to works.  Apple, IBM, cellphones, cable, DVDs, etc.  Think about all the changes that people have made because they were not afraid that they might fall on their cushion.  Some of them have fallen more than once, figured out what went wrong, and put their faith to work.  Sure your cushion might get a little bruised, but what if it doesn't.  What if your works proves to be your dream?  What if you make it?  What if . . . . . . ?  LET US PRAY!
Heavenly Father, I thank and praise you for your love towards me.  Thank you Lord that you gave me enough cushion to put my faith to work.  Thank you Lord, for my dreams and my accomplishments.  I thank you Lord for the things that didn't go well in my life as much as the things that did, I trust in You Lord, I know you got my back, in Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

411 VS. 911

Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you have all had a great weekend, and had time to spend with your fathers. I pray for you always and wish you well in all your endeavors.

(Exodus 33:13-14, 17-18) Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in they sight, shew me now thy way, that i may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is they people.  And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.  And the Lord said unto Moses, i will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name.  And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.

When the slaves were sent free from Egypt, Moses had a lot of conversations with the Lord God.  Even before the slaves were set free, Mose always went to God in prayer.  Every time that Moses needed instructions, he knew that God would give him the answers.  Moses knew that God was with him and guided him through every one of the seven plagues.  Moses spent so much time with God that he didn't even have time for his wife and children.  God was always conversing with Moses, giving him step by step instructions.  The people needed water, God gave Moses instructions on how to get water.  The people complained about the lack of food, God gave Moses instructions on what to do with the manna, that He provided.

Woman of God, now it's time for me to break it down to you.  In the above scriptures, Moses and God are having a conversation, which they often did.  Moses didn't wait until an emergency came up to get instructions and guidance from God.  Moses was always seeking the Lord God for guidance through his journey in the desert.  

If you pray on a consistent basis, you will not have as many 911 calls to God.  You should be at the point in your life where you understand that without God giving you instruction you would be lost.  Daily prayer keeps you in the loop with God.  Just think of prayer as a 411 call to the Lord.  You just need instruction and guidance for the day.  Just as Moses needed to hear from God daily, so do you.  Seeking the Lord God daily, keeps you from making so many 911 calls.  Not long ago a young man was sent to jail and had to pay a fine because he dialed 911 to complain about his order at a fast food restaurant.  The police take 911 calls very seriously, that is one of the reasons why they came up with a 411 number, just for information.

God takes your 911 calls very seriously.  He will answer your call and before you even know it; the angels in heaven have been released to aid you in your situation.  God also takes your 411 calls just as important; because He knows that it is time for you to commune with Him.  Commune with God more often and He will make your 911 calls a little less.  Moses had so many 411 calls with God, that God allowed Moses to see His glory.  Maybe it's time for you to make more 411 call to God and you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with you daily.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I give you praise on honor on today.  Thank you for waking me up this morning in my right mind, thank you for my family.  Lord, my prayer is that you teach me how to pray.  I pray that your Holy Spirit gives me guidance and teach me how to pray and not pray amiss.  Lord, I desire to have a closer relationship with you.  You were always with Moses and now I pray that you will always be with me, thank you, in Jesus name, Amen.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

Thank you for your prayers.  My prayer for you is that you are growing in the Lord consistently.  I pray that through this ministry you are learning and are blessed by the Word.

(Isaiah 61:3) To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;

I hope that I am not scaring anyone into not reading the lessons on "Spiritual Warfare".  It is very deep but it is something that you need to know.  I hope that you have at least kept an open mind while reading.  Most o the teaching is coming from the book I mentioned early in the week.  I have used that book as a tool, I often have to know what spirit I am dealing with when I have issues of life.

Today, we are going to learn about the "Spirit of Heaviness".  Along with the spirit of heaviness comes branches of, inner hurts-torn spirit, heaviness, depression, despair-dejection-hopelessness, broken heart, sorrow-grief, self-pity, insomnia, rejection, excessive mourning, and suicidal thoughts.  We have already learned a little bit about the root problem, which is called the strongman (gatekeeper).  The spirit of heaviness tries to take our joy of living by loading us down with heaviness.  He attempts to move in when we are mourning and keeps us in an abnormal state of perpetual grief.

When dealing with the depression, be aggressive!  Don't yield to those dark moods and depressions.  Use the Word of God like the Sword.  When the symptoms of depression start, just loose the Garment of Praise and the Oil of Joy to cover you from head to toe.  Allow praises to flow from your thoughts and mouth.  (Isaiah 59:19) When the enemy shall come in like a flood; the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

When dealing with self-pity, it sometimes sets in because circumstances or friendships have not worked out the way we had designed for them to work.  Loneliness strikes us and we are tempted to retreat into a shell and give up.  But remember, all of this is not God working in our life but the destroyer.  Don't let him do it!!  God has promised to be with you, working everything out for your good.  (Isaiah 45:2) When thou passest through the waters,k I will be with thee; and through the rivers shall not overflow thee:

When dealing with past hurts and disappointment you have to trust in God.  A broken relationship leaves one or both parties involved reeling from the after-effects of the hurts.  Satan tries to kill the unity of friends, loved-ones and member of the Body of Christ.  Your first response needs to be asking forgiveness of God.  Secondly we must forgive the other person by an act of our will and constantly keep it committed to Christ.  Binding the work of the enemy and walking out forgiveness is a continual process as God does His healing in our spirit by restoring the wholeness we need.  It will often take  duration of time before we stop hurting, but you can be assured that you are not holding anger, guilt, unforgiveness or any other thing that might open a door of access to the destroyer.

Heavenly Father, thank you for delivering me from the trap of the enemy.  Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I bind you spirit of heaviness in my life.  I loose the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, the Garment of Praise and the Oil of Joy.  According to your Word . . .  whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven.  Lord, I stand on your Word today.  Thank your for your goodness and mercy towards me, in Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you and the women's ministry.  I pray that you will be blessed by the Lord's message on today.

(Matthew 12:44-45) Then is says, "I will return to the house I left.  When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put i order.  Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there.  And the final condition o that man is worse than the first.  That is how it will be with this wicked generation."

Yesterday, we taught about familiar spirits.  There is a lot to cover but I at least want to get you down to the basics.  You must first bind the strongman.  The strongman is the root of your problem.  If you do not bind the strongman, the demonic spirits will keep coming back and forth.  They think they live there because you have never put them out.  Just like a tree planted, it grows roots, then branches.  If you keep cutting the branches they will grow back until you cut it off at the root.  The strongman is called the "gatekeeper".  He is allowing the demonic spirits to go back and forth.  Kill the "gatekeeper!"

The spirit of bondage if anything that exalts itself against God and keeps you addicted.  The spirit of bondage is the root (the strongman).  Here is a list of some of the demonic spirits that it carries.  Fear, addictions (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, etc., fear of death, captivity to Satan, servant of corruption, compulsive sin, bondage to sin.  The root is "works of the flesh".  If you are dealing with the spirit of bondage, you must bind the spirit of bondage and loose the spirits of liberty, spirit of adoption (read Rom. 8:15).  Paul says, "stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage". (Gal. 5:1).

Now, I am going to quote from Dr. Robeson's book. "The sinner looks at that and says sorrowfully, "I can't accept Christ because there is so much I have to give up." And it is true the sinner must give up certain things.  The mistake the sinner makes, however, is the VALUE he places on those things he must relinquish.  A good illustration of this would be a fly, freshly caught and expertly wrapped up by a spider.  The fly symbolizes the sinner and the spider symbolizes Satan.  The sinner swings back and forth, tightly bound by habits and addictions that keep him anchored on Satan's web.  The end of it all for him is death, eternal separation from God and heaven.  The fly thinks he's having a great life and a friend will remind him, there's a huge spider that is about to eat him.  But the fly does not see the spider.

Now, the hardest part of all of this is that the sinner still has free will.  You can pray all you can but the sinner has to want to be delivered from whatever is keeping them in bondage.  The following is a prayer that can give you guidance.  LET US PRAY!

One more important thing, just remind the enemy when he tries to come back that he is bound by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If you stumble and fall for his deception again, immediately confront the situation with another prayer that binds his power. Depending how long you have been bound, you might stumble, but I admonish you to get back up again. Make up in your mind that you will not lose this fight.

Heavenly Father, I thank and praise you for Your love towards me.  I pray that You forgive me for my sins and I pray for freedom.  I desired to call you Abba Father.  Thank you for loving me even when I wasn't lovable.  By the power of the Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I rebuke the enemy and bind the spirit of bondage and loose the spirit of adoption in my life according to Matthew 18:18 that promises me, whatsoever ye shall loose o earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Lord Jesus, help me to live a life of freedom from the enemy, in Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for you always and thank you for taking the time to read the Lord's message.  I pray that this is a message that you will be blessed by.

(Leviticus 19:31) Do not turn to mediums or seek out spirits, for you will be defiled by them.  I am the Lord your God.

I have a book called "Strongman's His Name...What's His Game? By Dr's. Jerry and Carol Robeson.  This particular book is called An Authoritative Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare.  I am not sure if you can recall me telling you that I am a "prayer warrior".  I started in the prayer ministry in about 1997.  I have learned quite a bit of information about warring in the spirit for people and also demonic spirits.  If you were to visit my home, you would find out that I have a numerous of books concerning spiritual warfare.  Being a "prayer warrior" is no joke.  I did not choose this ministry, God chose me, so I complied.  If you are a "prayer warrior" you have to know how to pray and war in the spirit.  One of the things that you must be aware of is that your life is always going to be under attack.  There is a war going  on over your spirit in the spirit realm.  Once you become a Christian, this warfare gets a little bit deeper.  There is only one devil (Satan), but plenty of demonic spirits that roam the earth searching for whom they may devour.  

I don't want to scar any of you, but I want you to have knowledge concerning what you are dealing with, when you are under attack.  Also as we talk about different demonic spirits I will also teach about binding demonic spirits and loosing the particular gift to loose for you to become freedom.  I can not teach this in one message so I will cover this subject for a minute.

Today the message is about "familiar spirits".  What they are, how they come in your life, and how to get them out.  A familiar spirit is usually involved in the areas of necromancy (supposed consultation with the dead0, spirit mediums, clairvoyance, yoga, spirits, psychic powers an prophecy, transcendental meditation, E.S.P., cocaine, crack and other mind-altering drugs.  Even though someone may have accepted Christ as their Savior it is still necessary to renounce in an audible voice any past experiences he or members of his family may have had with any of these practices.  It is possible for a Christian to be harassed by demonic forces that believe they still have access right to him because of their past affiliations with either he or his family.

Woman of God, there are always consequences for your actions.  Bad actions equals bad consequences, good actions equals good consequences.  I will tell you a true story about something that I did out of ignorance.  I did not have prior knowledge of demonic spirits at the time, so I say out of my ignorance.  I purchased a Ouija Board.  Now, when you go the the store, it is in the board game section of the toy store.  I played with that board all the time.  Asking questions and getting answers.  Something so weird began to happen.  You are supposed to play with at least two people, but the board started spelling out words that said, it will only let me play with it.  I was happy, thinking I had something special.  Little did I know that I had opened the door to a demonic force so strong that it began to move without me.  I am telling you the truth.  I would take it to work with me and spend my lunchtime in the car with it.  Then the board told me his name.  Things really got strange.  Told me his name and how he and his family died in a car accident.  Well, to make a long story short, I went to bible study for the first time and the subject was about Ouija Boards and other demonic spirits, mostly the board.  I was floored when I learned what I had actually done to myself and family.  I went home right away and took the board, put it in my grill and burned it.  I let the fire stay until it burned out by itself.  The next morning I went to check the grill, the board was burned completely, but I noticed on the top of the grill strange claw marks as if something was trying to get out.  Then the second step was to pray and renounce that spirit.  I had a little trouble shortly after, but eventually that spirit left my home.  If anyone that is reading this needs to have pray, don't be afraid to talk to me or someone in the church that can deliver you from this demonic spirit.  LET US PRAY!

Almighty God, I pray right now for the women of God and their families.  I pray for them to have knowledge concerning your spiritual gifts and familiar spirits that they may be dealing with, either by knowledge or out of ignorance, or by their ancestors.  I speak the power of the Holy Spirit over them right now and by the power given to me by Jesus Christ I bind the familiar spirit and loose the Holy Spirits and gifts upon them, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Lord, you said in your Word, whatever is bind on earth will be bind in heaven and whatever is loosed in heaven will be loosed on earth.  I stand on your Word Lord.  I plead the blood of Jesus over them and their entire household, in Jesus name, Amen.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all blessed on today.  My prayer for you today is that you are walking under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

There will always be different aspects of your life that you wish you could go back and change.  That is just not possible.  So, instead of wishing that you could go back and make changes to your life; why not look at those particular aspects as just another chapter of your life.  Your past can always be used to altar the path that you will take in the next chapter of your life.  Life is a journey, that can bring joy and heartache in your life.  The key to enjoying life's journey is to always expect for the Lord God to be with you during the joy and sorrows in your life.  Chapters in your life do not always have to be bad.  If you have a relationship with the Lord God, every time your life's chapter changes, you can be assured that God is turning the pages. 

Woman of God, I know that some of you have journeyed down the wrong road in your life.  Somehow things just seemed to take a turn for the worst.  Let me assure you that God knew you would take a wrong turn and He made provisions for you.  Although you may feel like you are at a place of darkness, try looking at the place in your life as just another chapter.  This is the chapter where you have to praise God with all your heart and soul.  You can take your pain and disappointments and turn them around to be a testimony.  Your testimony will be your way out of that bad chapter of your life.  The bible says, "we overcome the enemy by the words of our testimonies".  The reason why, is because, as long as you admit to a godly person about your shortcomings the enemy won't be able to keep you in that situation.  Notice I said godly person. 

It's okay to feel lost, I still feel that way sometimes too.  I too, still wonder what God has in store for me in this journey called life.  There have been times when I was so far down, I couldn't get any lower.  I have already been through the chapter called, "drug addiction".  If fact, I went through that chapter a couple of times before I finally got it right and decided to hold on to my deliverance.  I went through the chapter called "marriage" four times.  I went through the chapter called "promiscuous".  I went through the chapter called "loneliness" and that is one of the reasons why I have a relationship with God.  In that chapter, I realize that God has been with me through the other chapters of my life.

I want you to know that whatever chapter you are in of your life, Jesus is right there with you.  I know that there were plenty of times that God could have left me in one of those painful chapters but His grace and mercy said, "she will come out".  I want you to realize and get this embedded in your spirit, that you can never do anything that will cause God to leave you.  The only way that you will get the Lord God to leave you, is if you deny the Holy Spirit.  God is with you through the bad chapters, the chapters that aren't so bad, and the good chapters.  The stronger your relationship with God becomes, the more victorious you will become in your chapters of life. The next time you are in prayer, ask the Lord God to help you as you journey through your chapters of life.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I give you glory and praise on today. I thank you for the chapters in my life, those that are bad and those that are good.  Lord, I thank you that you are always with me, bidding me to come closer to You.  Lord, as I take this journey called life, I am asking for your spiritual guidance, in Jesus name, Amen. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for you often an Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry".  My pray is that the ministry will growth and that by the end of the year, I will be financially able to go out to minister in women's homeless shelters.  I would like to be able to pass out care packages.  Thank you for your support.

I have heard from a lot of the younger generation, that becoming a Christian is too much work.  They tend to think of God as some big judge, that is writing down everything that you do wrong.  God is not taking notes, He already had the notes before you were even in existence.  I have also heard that being a Christian is no fun and that it is scary for some people.  The reason why they think that it is scary is because, they believe that God is going to punish them for every thing that they do wrong. 

The most dangerous thing about this type of thinking is that if you are not a believer, or at least trying to practice living righteous you should be afraid of the consequences.  You are spending more time thinking about how bad it is to be a Christian, you need to think about how dangerous it is not to be a Christian.  Being a Christian is not a religion, it is a way of life.  It simply means that you have decided to try to live a life Christ-like, that is the meaning of being a Christian.

You think that being a Christian (dedicating your life to Christ), has too many rules.  You read the Word of God and say to yourself that you can't follow all those rules.  When I first started reading the bible, I thought that God was mean.  I read all about the wars and punishments that were handed down to disobedient people; and I just knew that I would not make the cut. I also felt very sorry for Job, because he did not do anything wrong, but was tested so harshly.  True God did give Job double for his trouble, but I thought about how sad Job must have been losing his entire family. 

I don't get hung up on whether people are Baptist, Protestant, Catholic, etc.  As long as you believe that Christ died, was buried and rose again for you to live eternity in heaven with Him.  Being a Christian can be a lot of fun.  If you began to attend Church regularly and try to get involved in some church activities, you will find out that you can have a lot of fun.  I do know that you won't be in any less of a situation than you are already in, if you don't.  I know that the music is different, but I love to get my praise on in church.  Come out of the club and dance in church for the Lord.  Try getting high on Jesus instead of drugs that will cause you pain and maybe even death.  You never know when that last hit or puff is going to come.

When I decided to give my life to Jesus, I mean really go for it; I had to give up a lot of worldly things.  I was afraid that I would not make it without a blunt everyday.  I just changed a little bit at a time.  Now, I feel that I owe it to God to minister to others to help them.  I want to work for Jesus, and His job is to keep all his sheep safe.  I want to have the same goals and mission statement as God does.  If you just try a little bit at a time, you will make it.  God is not some huge judge making note of all your shortcomings and every little mistake that you make.  This is a journey and you will make mistakes, but because of God's grace and mercy He is not taking notes.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me of my sins, anything that I might have said or done that did not bring glory to your holy name, forgive me Lord.  I pray that you show me how to live a Christian and still have more fun, than I did when  I was in the world, in Jesus name, Amen!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of the Lord on today.  I speak blessings of peace in your life and your entire household. 

(Genesis 9:12-17) And God said, "This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.  Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me ad you and all living creatures of every kind.  Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.  Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." So God said to Noah, "This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth."

The above scripture is the Lord God speaking to Noah after the flood that destroyed the earth.  Noah and his sons and their wives lives were all spared due to Noah's obedience in following God's instructions.  Before the flood, God had provided water out of the ground to cultivate the plants for food and the trees.  Water had never fell from the sky until the flood.

I have seen a lot of rainbows in my time.  Every time you see a rainbow you just look at it because they don't feel the sky very often.  Rainbows are very beautiful and they always catch your attention.  Most of the time, the only time that you will see a rainbow is after the rain and the sun begins to come out.  I have read that scripture a numerous of times but never concentrated on the part when God tell Noah that the rainbow is a covenant between Him and all generations to come.

Woman of God, there are a lot of things that we see everyday and take advantage of by not knowing exactly why God has placed it there or what God's intentions really were when He has done what He has done.  Every time I see a rainbow, I think about the covenant that God made with us.  God said that He will never destroy the earth with water again.  So, that is the reason why when I see a rainbow in the sky, I always think about the Lord God. 

What I want you to remember today, is that God always keeps His promises.  Even now, He still shows us the rainbow that He had shown to Noah as a covenant between Noah and the generations to come.  The bible is full of God's promises for us.  I have learned that is it in my best interest to ask the Holy Spirit for knowledge and wisdom before reading the Word of God.  There are so many promises and blessings that the Lord God has promised us, and the best way to understand the written Word is by asking for clear understanding before reading.  This has helped me a lot.  I didn't just come up with the idea to ask for clear understanding from the Holy Spirit, I was taught to do that in my church.  So the next time you see a rainbow in the sky, smile, because God is watching you.  LET US PRAY! 

Heavenly Father, we thank and praise you for the rainbow in the skies and the meaning behind the rainbow.  Thank you Lord for being God and God all by yourself.  Lord, I know that you don't need me to praise you, but I offer a sacrifice of praise to you today, because of the life you have given me.  Lord, I thank you for your Holy Spirit that will guide me and give me knowledge of Your written Word, in Jesus name, Amen.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of the Lord today.  Enjoy today's message from the Lord, and may God truly bless you in all your endeavors.

(Genesis 6:14-16)  Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.  And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, it breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.  A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it..

Woman of God, if God gives you an assignment, He will give you specific instructions for you to follow.  The Lord God gave Noah instructions on how to build the ark for him and his family. He also promised Noah that if he build the ark the exact way that He told him, God would save Noah and his family.

The Lord God often speaks to us concerning situations that we may be going through in our lives.  The Lord may tell you to say or do something that may be difficult for you to do.  It is totally out of your character and it may cause you to lose some friends.  So you follow some of the Lord God's instructions, but not all of them because you are afraid of losing something or someone that God will surely replace.  If God gives you instructions on how to make your situation better, follow His instructions down to the tee.  If you do not follow all the precise instructions than you mind as well do nothing.  God does nothing half way.  He leaves nothing undone.  God wants to give you a life of wholeness, but you have to follow the precise instructions that He gives to you.

Noah, did not ask the Lord God any questions when he was told to build the ark.  At that particular time in history, rain had never fell from the sky.  God told Noah that rain would fall from the sky and Noah had faith in God and started building the ark.  His friends and neighbors laughed at him because God was going to do something that they had never heard of or seen before.

There will be times in your life when God will give you instructions and the outcome will be something that your family or friends have never heard of or seen.  They may try to discourage you or try to make you believe that God did not tell you to do this or that.  Just like Noah, you have to hold your ground, hold on to your faith and trust God.  Do exactly what God has told you to do regardless of the people that you will have to leave behind in the process.  Most likely, they will not be positive people that you will need in your life.  My best tip for you is that, if God gives you instructions to make your life better, follow all the instructions, precisely and you will find that your situation and circumstances will change for the better.  LET UP PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I give you honor and praise on today.  Lord, teach me how to follow your instructions for my life to make me a better Christian.  Lord, I pray for your wisdom and knowledge concerning my life to overtake me.  Lord, I ask that the power of the Holy Spirit guide me so that I can become righteous in your sight, in Jesus name, Amen.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

As always I pray that you will be spiritually fed by the Lord's message and by "Spiritually Growth for Women Ministry".  This ministry's mission to to empower and strenghten the women of God.

(1Cor. 15:33-34) Be not deceived: evil communication corrupt good manners.  Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.

The book of Corinthians was written by Paul while he was in prison.  This book is written solely for the purpose of correction of Christian conduct.

When you get bit by a snake you have to immediately suck the poison out or you will possibly be hospitalized or death.  Some of you are in poisonous relationships.  It's time for you to suck the poison out of your life.  The scripture simple states that, evil communications and bad company are most likely to make bad men,.  Those who would keep their innocence must keep good company.

Woman of God, the more you hang around bad company and people that just have bad language, you are poisoning the spirit of God within you.  Just like an addict in recovery, you need to change your people, places and things to make sure that you are not headed in the same direction that got you in a terrible state.  If a recovering cocaine addict decides to attend and party with drugs, he has to leave immediately or his company will eventually end up swaying him back into addiction.

There are some people in your life that you need to get rid of and do it quickly.  They are only sucking you dry.  You know they are but you just keep company with them anyway.  Eventually the poison that they have on them will spread to your spirit. They have no knowledge of Christ nor do they desire to know Him.  Your knowledge of Christ should be able to discern whether or not the people in your circle of friends are spreading poison.  You might think that you are have a great time now, but you will ultimately lead yourself right into a snake pit.  I can assure you that you don't want to be in a snake pit.  You will get bitten more than you could ever imagine.  In the snake pit there is no peace,joy or Jesus.  You have decided not to get into a relationship with people that have good character and conversation, instead you decide to stay with the snake and before you realize it, you will fall right into the snake pit.

You are in a bad relationship with a man and you know that he will never change; so you are continually getting poisoned.  He has not changed in years and you are still waiting for him to get a job, stop driving your car around town visiting friends, while you work.  You are still waiting for him to stop cheating on you like he promised.  You are waiting for him to marry you and it's been five years or longer. You are waiting for him to stop mentally and verbally abusing you; sure he promised to stop.  You have to suck that poison out of your life.  If you don't want to live the rest of your life in a snake pit, constantly getting bit, you have to determine for yourself to suck any poisonous things out of your life.  You are 26 years old, but when you look in the mirror, you look 50 years old, you have been poisoned.  You need to get to the church and get that poison out.  You need to get on your knees and listened to God to get rid of that poison.  You need to read the Word of God to get rid of that poison and keep it out of your spirit.  LET UP PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I thank and praise your for my life on today.  Lord, I'm asking you to show me the people, places or things in my life that are poisonous to my spirit and my relationship with you.  Father, I know that I am having trouble in that areas of my life, I need your help.  Lord, I want to live righteous before you, in Jesus name, Amen.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God always for you and the growth of "Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry".  I pray that you are blessed by the Lord's message on today.

When my husband passed away, I was not surprised.  Six months before he passed away, God told me that I had six months left with him.  I was in my car driving from work and I pretended not to hear correctly.  I told God, "I don't receive that, talk to the hand".  I'm serious, that is exactly what I said at the time.  After that time, God gave me a number of signs.  I never told anyone, I did hear Him correctly and so I prayed.

One day, while cooking dinner, my husband had a heart attack and passed away on the living room sofa.  I dialed 911 right away and began to pray while holding him.  Once the ambulance got to my house I kept praying.  I got in the ambulance and kept praying.  He was on respiratory and the machine was breathing for him, I kept praying.  I had the machines removed and he was pronounced died within 24 hours.  I cried all the way home.  I kept calm throughout making the funeral arrangements and the service.  Later that day, I received a call from a friend and she said, "I wish I could be as calm as you were".  I didn't know what to say, but I understood. I understood because God prepared me six month in advance. I don't know why, I didn't like it; but I understood.

About a year had gone by and I found out that my daughter was mad at God because of her stepfather's passing.  I understood.  Believe it or not, God understood.  You see, God is a big boy, He can take it.  I know that people often get mad at God.  Due to unanswered prayers, passing away of most loved family member and feelings of defeat.  I have even heard people say, "I'm not speaking to God right now."  I understand.

Woman of God, if you are in a position where you are mad at God, or not speaking to Him right now, I understand.  God knows and He understands.  I did not get upset with my daughter, I prayed for her relationship with God.  I knew that just because she was mad at God, that she still loved Him. I also knew that God didn't love her any less.  God understood.  I told my daughter to go to God and tell Him all about it, tell Him why you are mad, God's a big boy, He can take it. 

If you and God are not on speaking terms right now, He's knows why, He understands.  You see, you can not be mad at someone that you don't have a relationship with.  That's a start.  It's truly okay to be mad about a situation that you don't understand why God didn't intervene.  The important thing is that you don't stay mad.  That you don't give up on God completely.  God knows your heart.  God knows you love Him and God still loves you, He understands.  If you are not speaking to God, try to renew your relationship with Him so that you will be restored in your spirit.
Right now, as I am typing, God is working on me.  The truth is that I did not get mad at God, because I was mad at myself.  I need to type what I am feeling because I promised you that I would always be open to you, to help you.  I think that I killed my husband.  I often hear about people praying for healing miracles and they received it.  I think that I should have kept praying longer.  God is speaking to me now and say, "I have the power of life and death, not you."  I guess I didn't know that I still have healing to do in this area of my life.  Until I began this message, I am finding out that God wants to help me. I could not finish this message right away because I am in worship and I can't stop crying.  I thought that I was passed this, I guess I need to understand.  Woman of God, pray for me.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the message on today.  Lord, I pray that you help us to understand Your will for our lives.  Lord, I pray for the women that may be upset over their circumstances, that they will be renewed unto You. Lord, we know that You are a loving God, and You will always, do what is best for us.  Lord, I speak peace over the women today, in Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of the Lord on today.  I pray that you are finding peace in the Lord and all of your needs and wants are met.

Yesterday's message was a blessing to me.  I am continuing on the same subject on today.  I have a short story to tell you.

I was an armour bearer for the first lady and co-pastor of a church that was just getting established.  I served in that position as the Lord would have me to do.  I did not complain or have any problems doing a lot of things for her.  Being an armour bearer is not an easy task.  A lot more than prayer or carrying a bible for someone is needed in that position.  You have to be very observant and know that person very well, down to the last detail.  I even carried a needle and thread for emergencies.  If you are truly a servant for God in that position, He will be a guide for you.

As time went on and I was doing the best I knew how to serve the first lady, I felt that there was something wrong.  My spirit did not feel comfortable in that position any longer.  I did not know why, but I did know that something was not right.  I went to God in prayer and inquired to Him about what was going on.  I asked God to reveal to me why my spirit was grieved.  It did not take God long to reveal to me what the problem was.  The very next day, I received a phone call from a friend of the first lady.  She asked me was I happy at the church, and a couple of other questions.  I was honest and I never said anything negative about my first lady.  I knew better than to every speak about someone else in a negative way, no matter what happens.

The very next Sunday, my first lady came to me and told me everything that was said on the phone with her friend.  I was so upset.  I did not say anything against her so I was wondering why she had a third party phone conversation.  I told her that, "kids do that kind of stuff".  The pastor (her husband) was standing in the room at the time and he said that he told her not to do that.  I just stood there looking at them like they are not ready to start their own ministry.  I left the church, immediately.  I did not even stay for service.  Once I got home, still crying, I went into my prayer room and thanked God for showing me what was wrong.  I asked God to give me discernment about that situation and He answered right away.  I was hurt, but I still was happy that God cared enough about me that He did not allow that first lady take advantage of me.  That particular situation got worst before it got better.

The moral of this story is that God is not a respecter of persons.  If someone is treating you badly, God will look after you.  I felt like God was in heaven just shaking His head while watching her treat me the way she did.  Ask God to show you who are your friends.  If your spirit feels uneasy in the presence of certain people, you are probably right about them.  Don't ignore your gut feeling.  If you have decided not to marry someone or not to continue a relationship with someone because you feel uneasy about them; go with your gut feeling.  If you go with your gut feeling, you will no doubt save yourself someone heartache in the end.  LET US PRAY!

Heaven Father, I thank and praise you for being the Lord of my life.  Lord, as I go through this journey of life, I pray that you give me a spirit of discernment so that I will know the enemies ways.  Lord, I know that you are not a respecter of persons so you will not allow me to be spiritually hurt by anyone.  Father, I ask that you show me the people in my life that do not have my best interest at heart, in Jesus name, Amen.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you and Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  My prayer for you is that you are growing spiritually and renewing your life with the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Luke 22:3-6) Then entered Satan ito Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.  And he wen this way, and communed with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray him unto them. And they were glad, and covenanted to give him money.  And he promised, and sought opportunity to betray him unto them in the absence of the multitude.

Are the people in your surroundings your friend or foe?  Is the person that you call your 'bff', really your friend?  Judas was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus.  He travelled with Jesus throughout He ministry and was considered a friend.  Jesus knew all along that Judas was going to betray Him, but Jesus never told the other eleven disciples.  The prophets in the Old Testament fortold the life, betrail, and death of Jesus.

Woman of God, my question to you is, are there people in your life that you can trust?  Can you trust your closest friend with your life?  If the person that you call your best friend is not contributing anything positive in your life, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your friends.  You may have people around you that are only acquaintances.  Acquaintances are people that will come and go in your life.  They are people that you can do without.  A friend is someone that will always have your back.  No matter what happens, they have your back.  A friend is someone that is able to tell you when you are wrong and still be your friend.  A friend is someone that is not secretly envious of you.  There are happy to see you prosper.  They don't judge you and they won't be jealous of the things you have accomplished in your life.  A friend is someone that you can argue with at work and still get your ride home.

My closest friend has been with me through thick and thin.  She was there for me through an abusive husband that didn't want me to have friends.  Everytime I would meet someone new, he would make sure that they wouldn't stop coming around.  My friend told me that she didn't care how horrible of a person that he was, she was there for me, not him.  She never said to me, "why do you stay with him?"  She was just there to pick up the pieces. 

As you go through this life, you will find out that you will only have one or two people that you can call your friend.  You may also find out that some people that are in your life are toxic to your spiritual growth.  If you ask God to give you discernment concerning the people in your circle, you will be surprised when He tells you to get rid of certain people.  You may find out that you have some Judases in your circle.  As soon as they get a chance they will betray you.  They are talking behind your back.  They are just waiting for you to leave your spouse.  Some people are happy when things go wrong in your life.  They want you in the same boat that they are in; self-pity and strife.  They add nothing positive to your life but they are always there to bring you negativity.