Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of the Lord on today.  I pray that you are finding peace in the Lord and all of your needs and wants are met.

Yesterday's message was a blessing to me.  I am continuing on the same subject on today.  I have a short story to tell you.

I was an armour bearer for the first lady and co-pastor of a church that was just getting established.  I served in that position as the Lord would have me to do.  I did not complain or have any problems doing a lot of things for her.  Being an armour bearer is not an easy task.  A lot more than prayer or carrying a bible for someone is needed in that position.  You have to be very observant and know that person very well, down to the last detail.  I even carried a needle and thread for emergencies.  If you are truly a servant for God in that position, He will be a guide for you.

As time went on and I was doing the best I knew how to serve the first lady, I felt that there was something wrong.  My spirit did not feel comfortable in that position any longer.  I did not know why, but I did know that something was not right.  I went to God in prayer and inquired to Him about what was going on.  I asked God to reveal to me why my spirit was grieved.  It did not take God long to reveal to me what the problem was.  The very next day, I received a phone call from a friend of the first lady.  She asked me was I happy at the church, and a couple of other questions.  I was honest and I never said anything negative about my first lady.  I knew better than to every speak about someone else in a negative way, no matter what happens.

The very next Sunday, my first lady came to me and told me everything that was said on the phone with her friend.  I was so upset.  I did not say anything against her so I was wondering why she had a third party phone conversation.  I told her that, "kids do that kind of stuff".  The pastor (her husband) was standing in the room at the time and he said that he told her not to do that.  I just stood there looking at them like they are not ready to start their own ministry.  I left the church, immediately.  I did not even stay for service.  Once I got home, still crying, I went into my prayer room and thanked God for showing me what was wrong.  I asked God to give me discernment about that situation and He answered right away.  I was hurt, but I still was happy that God cared enough about me that He did not allow that first lady take advantage of me.  That particular situation got worst before it got better.

The moral of this story is that God is not a respecter of persons.  If someone is treating you badly, God will look after you.  I felt like God was in heaven just shaking His head while watching her treat me the way she did.  Ask God to show you who are your friends.  If your spirit feels uneasy in the presence of certain people, you are probably right about them.  Don't ignore your gut feeling.  If you have decided not to marry someone or not to continue a relationship with someone because you feel uneasy about them; go with your gut feeling.  If you go with your gut feeling, you will no doubt save yourself someone heartache in the end.  LET US PRAY!

Heaven Father, I thank and praise you for being the Lord of my life.  Lord, as I go through this journey of life, I pray that you give me a spirit of discernment so that I will know the enemies ways.  Lord, I know that you are not a respecter of persons so you will not allow me to be spiritually hurt by anyone.  Father, I ask that you show me the people in my life that do not have my best interest at heart, in Jesus name, Amen.

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