Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Good morning, Ladies.  I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of our Lord, Jesus Christ and that each day you draw near to Him.

(Ecclesiastes 3:1), There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: READ 3:1-8

How long is a season?  How long is a season to God?  Which season am I in?  How long will this one last?

God's timing is not our timing.  God's season is not the same as our four seasons?  God's ways are not our ways?  Sometimes a season for us can last for 1 week to 5 years.  In our world we have four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).  So when someone told me that what I was going through would last for a season, I thought to myself, "This will all be over in the Fall".  Our seasons are not God's seasons.  So how do I know when the season is coming?  How do I know when the season is ending?

Before each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall), there is something happening in the realm of nature that we do not see.  We can gauge were we are with the weather changes. Because of the changes in the weather, we know which season is coming and when it is going to finally be here. Just before Winter sets in, you might began to notice the leaves falling off the trees, the sky begins to look cloudy and a few other things will began to happen to prepare us for the changing of that season. 

My point is that there is always something happening behind the scenes for each season that we don't know about.  When it comes to you waiting for your season to pass, God is always working on your behalf and you may not see what is taking place, but just know that God is moving.  God is always thinking about you and He will never leave nor forsake you.  Even when you don't know God's plan for you, just know that He does have one.  When you can't see God's hand, trust His plan.  So if you are trusting in God with your life and the things that you need and desire to have in your life, know this; IT'S BEHIND THE SCENE.
No matter what season you are in, stay prayerful, worship the Lord in a Spirit of Adoration, praise God even when you think that you are in your darkest hour.  I promise you, God is working it out BEHIND THE SCENE.  So even though you don't see a way out or see your season of despair coming to an end, God's is working BEHIND THE SCENE.  Just like the seasons change from Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, even the smallest of animal creatures prepare for the next season, you have to prepare for the next season also.
Heavenly Father, forgive me for my sins.  I thank you for your mercy and grace that you show me everyday.  Father help me to hold on to your unchanging hand and to touch the helm of your garment when I don't feel your presence in my life.  Father, when I am in a season that I feel lonely, scared, despair, unhealthy, remind me that you are working everything out for me, so that you will be glorified.  Thank you Father in Jesus name, Amen!