Sunday, April 15, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

"It's not how you got in, it's how you get out!"  We have been through a lot of difficult circumstances in our lives and sometimes we may wonder "how did I get myself into this mess."  That is one thing that we can never figure out but we ponders on it at times.

Woman of God, I want to encourage you today, that no matter what type of situation you are dealing with that you have prayed about, you will come out.  You can overcome any circumstances in your life that you feel you need to find your way out.

I pray that you are in a church that not only teaches the Word of God, but also knows how to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit for the edifying, and building up the saints.  You went in the church dirty and muddy, but you came out fill with the Holy Ghost.  You went the church with a bad attitude, you came out in a spirit of humility.  You went in the church always using profanity, you came out speaking in tongues.  You went in the church, with a live in boyfriend but you came out a married woman.  You went in the church in sorrow, but you came out full of joy.  You went in the church with a heavy heart, but you came out in a spirit of praise.  You went the church no job, but you came out with a job and benefits.  You went in the church with unruly children, but you came out with Godly household.  So you see, its not how you got's how you got in.

I want you to know that you can come out of any negative things that may be going on in your life right now.  The key is that you have to first acknowledge that you have a problems in that area.  If you don't admit you have an issue, then you will never break free out of bondage.  Anything that keeps you from reaching your full potential in your spiritual life and personal life.  Now that you have acknowledged that you are in a mess. . . it's time to come out and be blessed.  So lets not worry about how you got in, let's just worry about how you are going to come out. God has promised to protect, deliver and provide for His people. This includes you.  You already have the Lord's protection.  It is God who causes you to triumph.  God Himself is looking after you, never taking His eyes off you as His dear servant.  The journey may sometimes get rough, and you may be attacked and abused, but God never forsakes you.  FORSAKE = To give up, or abandon.

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