Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for you always and pray that you are walking with Christ on a daily basis.  I pray that you are being spiritually fed by the Word of God.

If you are looking for a change in your life; why not try changes your atmosphere.  Are the people in your life making a difference in your life?  Are the places that you go; changing your walk with Christ? Are the things that you are committed to doing affecting your walk with the Christ?  Why do you keep people around you that can not help you?  Why do you keep going to the same places over and over again only to find out that it is not the place for you to be?  Why do you keep doing the same thing only to find out that you will keep getting the same bad result.

If you keep godly people around you, the promises of God will overtake you.  If you keep going to the house of God, the Holy Spirit will overtake you.  If you keep reading your bible, the things of God will be in your path. If you are constantly trying to stay one step of the devil than it's time for you to make a change in your lifestyle. 

If the people that you hang around are not leading you to the Lord that you don't need them.  If the places that you go are ungodly, then you need to stop going.  If the things that you are doing are unrighteous before God, then you need to stop doing that thing.  If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting. 

Today you have decided to smoke your blunts, have your drinks and fulfill your sexual needs and then tomorrow you are still left unhappy.  You indulge in anything you want, and behave in any manner that pleases you.  There was a time when all of those things made me happy.  But that kind of happiness is only short lived.  I can promise you that the longer you stay in the enemies territory, the longer it will take you to get to Christ. 

The bible says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven".  The bible does not say, Seek people, places or things first.  You see, the problem is that you want to have all the fun first and then when you are in trouble you go to God.  Then after God bless you and removes that mountain of yours, you go back to the same people, places and things.  The next month you are in a terrible state, and then you go to God again, and make a bunch of promises that you won't keep.  God moves on your behalf, then you go right back to the same people, places and things.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I give you my praise on today.  Lord, I pray that you bless them and keep them under your protection.  Let Your angels in heaven protect them.  Lord, I pray that you will lead them into all righteousness.   Lord, I know that the things of this world can be very consuming and look very enticing, but I ask that you keep your hedge of protection around the women.  Lord, I speak the power of the blood of Christ over their lives right now, no weapon formed against them shall prosper.  Deliver them Lord, and let their lives be a living testimony for you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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