Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

There is nothing that God cannot do, believe on Him and you can live a victorious life through Him.  PRAISE GOD!

If you are messing with the enemy then he is not messing with you.  Think it not strange when you go through fiery trials, because your adversary (the devil) roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour.

Woman of God, if you are going through a rough time right now you should start praising God.  The reason why the enemy is bothering you is because you got power.  You have the power to tear down strongholds, not only in your life but the life of every believer in your path.  You have the power to speak to the enemy and he will flee from your circumstances. 

If you didn't have power, the enemy would not be bothering you right now.  He is trying to break you, break your spirit of hope in Jesus.  If you didn't have any power God would not be holding on to you so tightly.  Yes, you got power to speak to your circumstances and change the atmosphere around you.  You have the power to tell the enemy to GO, in Jesus name.  God has given you power, but you have to tap into that spirit realm to receive your gift to use in spiritual warfare.  You are not like everybody else.  You are a child of God, carrying precious cargo.  God has plans for your life, plans to prosper and live in His glory.  You have to find the time to get on your knees and pray in the spirit.  I don't care if it is on your lunch break in the restroom.  The trials and tribulations that you are going through right now needs to have you on your knees before God. 

I have realized that most of the women that are in the ministry are young ladies.  You are between the ages of 21-30.  This ministry is for you.  God wants to save you from going through the same things that your parents with through.  God is using me as a vessel to save you some precious time.  You don't even realize it yet, but you are so valuable to the Kingdom of God.  Your gift is so precious that the enemy wants to destroy you before you get a chance to use it.  He wants you to wander around in the wilderness without hope.  Your gift is so precious that God wants you to live, He refuses to let you wander around in the wilderness.  It's time for you to become jealous over your soul.  The bigger the problem, the bigger the promise.  This means that the more turmoil you are facing only means that your God's promise concerning you is great.  The bigger the problem, the greater the promise for your life. GIVE GOD THE PRAISE!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the promise on my life.  Lord, thank you for the gift that you have given unto me to speak to my problems and it will leave me.  Thank you for the circumstances that I am going through right now, cause I know that I will come out victorious and stronger.  I give you my humble praise on today, be gloried in me oh God, in Jesus name, Amen.

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