Monday, July 30, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I miss you.  I pray that everyone is blessed and highly favored of the Lord God today.  If you don't think so than think back over your life and then you will truly say that you are blessed!

(Proverbs 31:18), She sees her trading profitable and her lamp does not go out at night.

Her lamp does not go out at night because she was wise enough to put enough oil it her lamp, just in case.  You have to have enough of Jesus Christ in you just in case.  Just in case you are going through a desolate valley in your life. Others around you are falling by the wayside but you won't because you have enough Christ in you to make it to the other side, where you will find peace.

I don't know about you but Sunday services is never enough oil for me.  I need Wednesday night bible study and prayer in between those days.  This particular wise woman in the bible was out at night with other women to meet Jesus Christ.  The other women ran out of oil because they did not anticipate having to wait for a long amount of time.  The woman that had enough oil had sense enough to bring extra just in case.  Once their lamp ran out of oil, they ask her for some of hers and she said no, because she wanted to have enough.

Woman of God, do you have enough oil in your lamp?  Let's put it another way, do you have enough of the Spirit of the Lord in you for the "just in case"?  Life's circumstances are going to come.  Distress and heartache is going to come no matter who you are.  Will you have enough oil in your lamp?  Will you have enough of the Spirit of the Lord built up in you to endure lifes trials and tribulations.  Trouble don't last always, but it will last longer if you are not built up in the Lord Jesus Christ.  You have to have enough for the times that it seems like you are all alone.  For the times that it seems like you are in a spiritual desert and God is not with you.  For those times, you have to stay built up in the Lord.  You have to be able to pray and praise your way out of circumstances that seem to be swallowing you up by the minute.  For the times that it seems like you have been praying and laboring in the spirit for a change in your situation.

For the "just in case" in your life, you may need to put your worship cd's in the car.  You may have to read your bible on your lunchbreak.  You may need to anoint your home and your children.  You may need to sit quitely, for the "just in case".  God does not want you to run out of oil.  He needs for you to be built up in Him as you grow and go to the next level in Him.  AMEN!  GOD BLESS YOU!

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