Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

Yep, that's exactly what each of you are, mighty woman.  No matter what's going on in your life right now, you are mighty, your weapons of warfare are mighty.  I speak blessings of joy upon each of you today.

(Psalms 54:10), Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me:

The message today may step on some toes.  I want you to keep an open mind as you read this one on today.  If you are convicted in your spirit, then the message is going to help you, not hurt you.  God wants you to be perfected in this area, if you are convicted by the Holy Spirit.  When I give a message like this one, I don't want to lose any of you, but on the other hand, I must give it the way that God gives it to me.  If it will make you fill any better, I had to have this message taught to me at a time that I thought I was all that.  So here we go!

What are Christian stones?  Christian stones are those soft subtle stones we throw at each other.  It's those phony smiles and hugs we give to each other in the church.  Christians have a way of hurting each other more than those outside of the church.  Christian stones is all that judging that we do to each other.  Then we have the nerve to say, "well, I don't mean no harm".  Yes you do.  You mean every bit of harm that you do, unless you are an infant that doesn't no any better.  Sometimes you say, "I didn't mean it like that".  Well, how did you mean to say it?

Christian stones is also that gossiping on the phone when you are supposed to be praying for someone on the prayer line.  It's that look we give to the First Lady because she has on a nice outfit.  A Christian stone is the envy you have in your heart because you didn't get the solo this week.  They are the wickedness you hide in your heart from others that think that you are a good person, they think you really mean it when you say, "God bless you, sister so and so.

Christians can be so judgmental towards people.  You judge people all the time.  You judge people in the church that may smell like alcohol in service.  You judge their circumstances when they confide in you.  You really can't be trusted because your heart isn't right.  Instead of praying for them, you turn your nose up like you have never been delivered from anything.  We judge people out of the church, thinking that we are more superior, because we went to church this morning.  Instead of praying for their souls you are throwing your subtle remarks like, "we are you going to get saved?"  Maybe your neighbor is not saved because she knows what type of a person that you really are on the inside.

We make excuses for ourselves when we sin, we justify our sins and our bad behavior.  The Lord knows what is in your heart no matter who you think you are hiding your inner most thoughts from.  Your inner most thoughts about a person is exactly where the Lord wants you to be perfected.  It's not enough to just say, "well the Lord knows my heart".  Well, He surely does and He knows that there is no good coming from it.  Let's try to fix your heart.  The next time that you have something negative to say about your spouse, friends, co-workers, brothers and sisters in Christ, think about what you are thinking in your heart.  It's those times when you don't say it out loud, but in your heart you are full of spite, rude, hatred, bitterness towards a person.  That is the innermost part that the Lord wants to work on.  Let God create in you a clean heart and a right spirit with you.  Amen!
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