Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you and the ministry.  My prayer is that you are being spiritually fed daily and you are developing a closer relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.

(Matthew 25:21) At the end of the age when we are face to face with God, we all want Him to say well done my good and faithful servant. In this verse, Jesus tells a parable of a master telling his servant that he was good and faithful with a few things, and hence will be given even more.

When you see Jesus face to face, what will He say to you?  God has given you talents, spiritual gifts and treasures, what are you doing with them?
Woman of God, you have been given a talent that God has placed on the inside of you from the time that you were born.  Your talent could be singing, teaching, writing, playing musical instrument or some other talent.  Whatever your talent is, you don't have to dig deep to find it.  It shows itself.  Your talent is something that you do with ease.  You don't have to study for it, or you excel in that very thing that the Lord has blessed you with.  Your spiritual gift is given by the Holy Spirit.  It is a gift for you to use to edify the Body of Christ.  Your spiritual gift will always be a blessing to someone else if you are using it under the power of the Holy Spirit.  Your treasure is your finances.

The bible tells us to use our time, talents and treasurers for the church.  Not the building, the people outside of the building.  You should be using those things to add to the Body of Christ by ministering to the sick, shelters, homeless and yes, even those people you see everyday that you try to avoid because they smell or are not your class of people.

If you are faithful over the little things that the Lord gives you, then He will increase your worth.  If you are faithful with your talent (using it to glorify the Lord), he will perfect that which was given.  If you are faithful with the treasurers that you have (giving, tithes), He will increase your finances because He sees that you are not selfish.

The best way to make sure that you are making good use of what the Lord has given to you, is to ask Him to show you how to be a good steward over your finances, talent and spiritual gifts.  Whenever you are giving, be a cheerful giver.  Whenever you are ministering to someone, minister out of love.  Whenever you show up for your job, show up on time.  Do these things to the glory of God, for the Lord, not for yourself, this will keep you selfless, not selfish.

You will be overwhelmed by what the Lord God will do for you because of your love and actions towards others.  This Christian walk is all about how you treat others, not how others treat you.  You worry about you and let God worry about them.  God the Father gave you His best when He sent His Son to die on the cross for you.  Give God your best and watch Him change your life.  Amen!  Praise God!

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