Friday, December 7, 2012


Mighty Woman of God, I pray that you are all well, blessed and highly favored of the Lord Jesus Christ on today.  I pray that you have been blessed by the blogs that I have posted since the beginning of the year as I am being obedient to the Lord.
(Psalms 33:6), By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.
The bible, which is the Word of God never changes.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.  That scripture is speaking about Jesus, He is the Word.  In my opinion, as circumstances, trials and your situations change; when you read the Word of God (your bible) the scriptures that you are lead to read will bring you knowledge and comfort that you are seeking fro God.  You have to keep an open heart and mind to receive what God is revealing to you in that particular scripture.
You see, the world's view of things change, the Word of God does not.  When you are seeking an answer or comforting word from God, His word will be interpreted so that you will be comforted.  In other words, if you read a scripture last year for a word from God you will receive it.  That same scripture can be read today and it will be what you need from God today.  The Word of God never changes but the world does.  Whatever you are going through now there is a scripture that will minister to you.  That same scripture can minister to someone else dealing with a different situation than yourself.
You cannot be stuck in your old ways and your old ways of thinking when it comes to the Word of God or the blessing of God.  The Spirit of the Lord moves in different ways for different people.  You may understand what God is trying to reveal to you quicker that the person next to you, so He will make it simple for that person, using the same scripture.  By keeping your heart and mind open to the Spirit of God, you won't be stagnant in your spiritual growth.  Sometimes your situation may call for you to change your old ways of thinking and old habits.  God wants to do a new thing in you, but He cannot if you are stuck in your old ways and habits.  We tend to say, "I never did it that way before, my other church did it that way, I'm not used to this, I've been doing it like this all my life."  If that is your attitude then your old ways are blocking the new things that God wants to do for you. 
New levels, new devils.  Meaning as the way the world (society) changes, you have to change spiritually.  God cannot give you a new wine in an old container if you are complacent with where you were ten years ago.  As the world turns, so must your prayer life and relationship with God.  You must pick up the pace because Satan has picked up the pace in this world.  Reality television shows.  Profanity on television and on the radio.  Kids taking prescription drugs, cigarette stores selling synthetic marijuana and sexual innuendo's on television.  God's Word has a way of giving you a message that you need today by leading you to the same scripture you read ten years ago.
There may be 100 people in your church service reading the same scripture, but each one dealing with a different circumstance, but the Word of God is alive; you both will get ministered to concerning whatever you need from God.  PRAISE GOD!  I hope that this message has blessed you on today.  GOD BLESS YOU!
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