Sunday, February 17, 2013


May is approaching fast and although the Women's Conference is free there is still a lot of planning being put in to it.  I need to make sure that I have enough space and food for everyone.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy yourself.  Anything that I do for the women of God and "Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry", I do for the glory of the Lord. God is a God of decently and in order.  This conference is going to be a blessing for all those who attend.  How do I know?  Because I know my God and He would not have me to drive from Georgia to Illinois for nothing.  That, I am sure of.  Not only will the Spirit of the Lord be in that place, but I believe that He will meet us there. 
The conference is only one day, May 25, 2013, from 2P-4P.  To sign up, go to my events calendar and put your name.  Come on out for fellowship, food and of course, spiritual food.  We are going to have a great time in the Lord.  I will also be signing copies of my book.  
If you have already declined, please forgive me for sending the message as I have sent this to all the women in my devotional group.  Thank you so much.  God bless you!

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