Thursday, March 7, 2013


Mighty woman of God! hello, my daughters in Christ Jesus, just a reminder that I am always available to pray with you or to just talk or whatever. I have prayed w/many of you and I thank God for that. Many of you are new to the women's ministry, just to let u know that I never share your personal on FB. Call me if you need to 24/7, I don't work. i don't think that I am better than anyone, I've been through too much, read my profile and you will understand. 

I'm not in an abusive relationship right now, but I used to be.  I'm not living in a women's shelter right now, but I used to.  I don't smoke marijuana or do cocaine, but I used to.  I don't sleep around anymore, but I used to.  I love you all with the love of Christ Jesus. 678-629-3179. God bless you. 

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