Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Good morning, Mighty woman of God!  I thank God for each of you and your prayers for myself and my family.  I esteem each of you higher than myself.  I thank God for the God in you.  God bless you.
(2 Timothy 3:5-7), having a form of godliness but denying its power.  Have nothing to do with them.  They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.
Please read the entire chapter of (2 Tim. 3), the whole chapter is very important for gaining knowledge and wisdom.
I am going to give you a quick skit.  There are four women on a prayer line that are supposed to be praying for another sister in the church.  Someone that they say that they care very deeply for.
Woman 1:  "Is everyone on the prayer line now?"  Woman 2: "Yes, we're all here". Woman 1: Does anyone have a special prayer request before we pray for the Body of Christ?" Woman 3: "Yes, we need to pray for sister Shirley today".  Woman 4: "Why, what's going on with her?"  Woman 1: Didn't you hear, her husband left her and those rotten kids and moved in with her best friend".  Woman 2: "No, your kidding." Woman 3:  "I heard the same thing, and did you hear what happened to her son?" Woman 3: "No, what happened?"  Woman 3: "He just got out of jail last night, got caught with drugs in his car".  Woman 1:  "And you know her daughter is only 13 and at the rate she's going with boys, she'll probably be pregnant before she gets out of high school." Woman 4: "I know that's right".  Woman 2:  "You know I saw sister Shirley at the store yesterday and she was looking a hot mess". Woman 4: " What!"  Woman 2: "Yeah, her hair was all over her head and her nails weren't even done".  Woman 1:  Yeah, we definitely have to pray for that whole family, cause the devil is running all over that house".  Woman 1: "Does anyone else have a prayer request?"  Woman 3: "No that's all".  All Women: "Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayer, Amen".  "Everyone have a blessed day, see you at church service tomorrow".
I hope that you were able to keep up with the women and understand exactly what just went down on the so-called prayer line.  If that seems a little steep, I assure you that scenario happens on a lot of prayer lines.  As you read over the scripture, notice that the scripture says that women will be preyed on.  The scripture does not say that men will prey on weak-willed women.  Of course, that is also one way of looking at it, but since this is all about women, the same goes for women in the church.  Women do prey on other women, that they deem as weak-minded.  There are women in the church that seek out babes in Christ.  As babes in Christ women are very trusting and a lot of times are in need of not only to be a part of the Body of Christ, but seeking out true friendships.  Those women on that prayer line possess only "a form of godliness".
Lastly, when I was a babe in Christ and not sure of the myself, having low self-esteem, and in need of true friends in the church I was treated unjustly.  I allowed certain women to come into my home and literally try to run my home.  One pastor's wife, actually told me that I should talk to them before I put my kids on punishment.  What I did was go to God in prayer, flooded with tears and asked the Lord to show me the truth about that person and the church.  The very next day, God showed me what I needed to see.  It was rough but, God held me the whole time I cried.  I served that pastor's wife according to the Word of God.  I serve for God, not her and that was one of the reasons why the Lord showed me that there was only a form of godliness in that particular church.
You need to have good communication skills when it comes to your relationship with God. He will give you discernment in order to keep you safe from women that prey on the babes in the Body of Christ.  If you don't have a close relationship with the Lord, you will not be able to hear Him when He tells you, "it's time to move".  If you are living as best you can for the Lord, He will protect you and He will not allow you to get hurt by women that act like the ones depicted on the prayer line.  If you have gotten hurt in such a way, know that God still has your back and take it as a lesson learned, kick the dust from your feet and move on.  AMEN!
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