Thursday, April 4, 2013


Good morning, Mighty woman of God, this message is awesome.  I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for today and the message.  Keep an open mind as you read and I pray that you will be blessed by it.
(Psalms 147:3 and Psalms 34:18), He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  For the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed in spirit.
Woman of God, as women we experience so much more of life's tosses and turns than men.  The reason is because we are receivers and nurturer's by nature.  Children tend to run to their mother's first whenever they are hurt.  Not that they don't have a relationship with the father, it's just that they know that we, as mother's will kiss them and make it all better.  Women are more emotional creatures.  We cry more, worry more and because of God's kindness, we have what we call a menstrual cycle.  That alone gives us a pass once a month on our emotional spirals.  We also tend to worry a lot more that men.  I know sometimes it seems like men just hum their way through life and just step over problems.  Women worry, and try to figure out how to walk through life quietly even when the world around us seems to be cracking into pieces.  Women also tend to have more nervous breakdowns than men.
Because of life's disappointments, trials, tribulations and worries, there may come a time when we decide enough is enough and put our hearts on foreclosure.  There may even come a time in your life when you are finding yourself disappointed in God.  Life's trials, tribulations and disappointments can allow you to unknowingly cause you to put a foreclosure sign over your heart.  If you do that, there are two very important factors here: (1) closing your heart so that you will never be hurt again will not allow the hurt to come out.  (2) closing your heart will not allow the love of God to get in.  You have to give God your hurts if you are ever going to live beyond them.
We have often hear and read the scripture over and over again that, By Jesus' stripes we are healed.  A lot of people take that scripture to mean only that Jesus can and will heal us from some diseases or physical problems.  We believe Jesus Christ will heal all sicknesses such as (cancer, lupus, AIDS, HIV, etc.).  We tend to focus on those illnesses that the Lord will heal, but what about the brokenhearted.  By His stripes we are healed of everything, not just the outward things that people can visually see that we are struggling with, but He is also a heart specialist and a mind regulator.  We tend to forget that Jesus Christ died on the cross and during the three days that He was away from the disciples and His mother, He was snatching the keys of hell from Satan. 
Woman of God, you must believe that Christ not only died for your sins, but He is covering everything about you with His blood.  The Lord's ultimate plan for mankind, is that we are healed of all sicknesses and our broken heart.  He not only died for our sins but to heal and restore you unto Him.  You cannot be a witness for Christ if you are dealing with a broken heart.  He wants you to be whole, so that you can testify about His love and kindness.  His mercy and grace.
Sometimes women do such much for a man that will turn around and treat them badly, beat on them or cheat on them.  We put so much energy in an ungodly relationship and will not give God half the attention we give to a mere man.  God's answer to you today is, "if you give me the same amount of love that you give to a man, I will heal your broken heart.  I will raise you up so high that you will not even remember what caused your brokenheartedness.  I will raise you up to sore like an eagle my daughter, then you will grow.  Then I will cause your drought to cease and you will be like a tree planted by the living waters.  You know that I will never leave nor forsake you, but instead you rather put all your attention into winning a man's heart and not winning my heart.
Well, that is a prophetic word for someone.  I don't know who is it but whoever it is will definitely read this message.  I typed exactly what the Spirit of the Lord had me to type.  Also, God has just told me that, "whoever this message is for, will not receive it right away, you will suffer a little while longer, God says, then you will come to me and I will receive you, my daughter.  I love you.  PRAISE GOD!
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