Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I speak blessings of the fullness of our Lord Jesus Christ over your life and that as you seek after Him, you will be comforted and encouraged daily.

Well, as promised, the Holy Spirit has given me the message for us today.  We hear a lot of people say that the bible is the same today and forevermore.  Today the Spirit of the Lord will show you just want He means.  You situation may change, but the Lord can give you the same scripture but will bring it to light in a different way, to give you hope and encouragement for todays problem.

(Matthew 4:18-22), As Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He noticed two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, throwing a dragnet into the sea, for they were fishermen.  And He said to them, Come after Me, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men!  At once they left their nets and became His disciples. And going on further from their He noticed two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets and putting them right; and He called them.  At once they left the boat and their father and joined Jesus as disciples.

This may sting a little bit. OUCH!  I am so tired of women in the church knocking each other down to get a title in the church.  You act one way at home and when you get to church, it's "Bless you sister, kiss, kiss".  Then you get upset because the Pastor has given someone a position in the church that you thought you should have gotten.  Instead of you offering your friendship and love to your sister, you gossip and backbite.  Don't you know that the Lord knows you and your motives for everything that you do.  You have been sitting on the right side of the Pastor's wife but your motives are not to help her, but to be seen.  Waiting like a sly fox to pounce on her and anyone else that gets in the way of your motive.  You have a nasty attitude when you don't get the right seat in church.  You have a nasty attitude if someone ask you to do something that you think that you are too good to be doing.  Now you are nasty towards your sister that just got a leadership position because you have been there longer.  Again, if your Pastor is a true man of God, he has enough discernment to know that you aren't ready to lead anyone anywhere.
The first four disciples that Jesus told to follow Him were, Peter, Andrew, James and John.  And if you notice from the scriptures that Jesus did not ask them.  He knew who they were and what He would eventually use them for.  Also take note that Jesus did not ask them, He simply told them, follow me.  They did say, "Who are you?"  They did not ask how much they would be paid, where He was going, why should they follow Him.  Whose going to take care of their fishing duties.  What would be their gain.  They stopped taking care of their own business to follow after Jesus.
Too many times the Lord calls us to follow Him and we have an excuse as to why we can't do it today.  We have that (what's in it for me) attitude.  How much of our time is going to be taken up.   Your sister in the church, has been called to leadership because she answered Jesus' call.  The difference between you and her is that she said, "Yes, Lord here I am".  The only motive that she has is to be used as a vessel that the Lord can use to pour out for His people.  She doesn't want to take the First Lady's place in the church.  She doesn't thing that she is too good to clean up after service.  Service is her only motive.
It's time for us to get serious about serving our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Just as Peter, Andrew, James and John immediately followed after Jesus, we need to do the same thing.  Neither of them asked what position they were going to have.  They didn't even ask how much does it pay or what they would get out of serving Him.  Jesus knew them before they were born and He knew they would answer the call, FOLLOW ME!  Jesus knows who will answer His call and FOLLOW HIM and who only will serve if they are going to get something out of it.  It's time for you to answer the Lord's call to you, FOLLOW HIM your reward is in heaven and does not lie with man.  AMEN!

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