Friday, May 10, 2013


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I speak the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ upon you on today and may you be highly favored as you follow after Him.
As I was on my daily walk this morning, the Holy Spirit gave me the message for today.  I pray that it will be a blessing to you as it was for me.  The awesome thing about having a relationship with the Lord is that you are continually growing and get wisdom from Him.
I was talking to the Lord about how disappointed I was with myself for not doing the best that I could for deliverance.  Everyday during my daily walk, I ask for the Lord's forgiveness and tell Him that I will promise to try harder today.  Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, "How do you feel, right now, at this very moment".  My reply was, "I feel like a failure, like I let you down and like I have disappointed you".  The Lord's reply to me was, "Self-pity". As I thought about it, I then said, "Self-pity, that word sounds so harsh.  No one wants to feel self-pity, Lord".  The Lord's reply to me was, "Self-pity is actually the way you are feeling when you feel like a failure.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You see the devil wants you to feel that way whenever you think that you have not lived up to My expectations.  Every time that you open that door to self-pity, you are still living in the past which will keep you from moving into the present.
When you come to Me in a spirit of humility pray for My forgiveness, I forgive and forget.  I will never hold you accountable for your shortcomings.  I will never bring it up again".  The Lord continued on to say to me, "My people parish for lack of knowledge.  I am not saying that you have no knowledge of Me, am saying is that My children do not fully understand the depths of My forgiveness, lovingkindness, compassion, mercy and grace that I alone give to them.  "I am not bringing your past before you.  The problem is that you are on your knees with a humble heart and have are genuinally repented, you get up off your knees and either moments later or hours later the devil creeps his way into your mind and you began to let that demonic spirit of self-pity come upon you".  The biggest problem that My people have is that they don't really accept My forgiveness.  Not accepting My forgiveness is why the devil constantly begins his attack on My peoples mind".
"Remember my daughter, you are blessed and highly favored by Me".  When the devil comes to bring your past back up, you need to remind him of the fact that he has been defeated.  That you are a child of the Most High God.  I know you and I knew you before you were born.  Don't you think that if I knew you before you were born that I foreknew every shortcoming you would have.  And I also know how much you would try with all you heart to please Me.  Remember all have fallen short, and all will continue to fall short.  I send My only begotten Son to die on that old piece of wood, that cross, so that you would not have to feel like you have let me down.  Self-pity is a word that man put in the dictionary, not me.  My desire is that you never know that word, then you would be able to accept My forgiveness".  Thus, saith the Almighty God!
Thank you Holy Spirit for using me as a vessel to deliver Your words to Your people on today.  I speak Your peace and joy upon them and that they are blessed by Your word and will understand Your forgiveness.  By the power of the Holy Spirit within me, I come against the spirit of self-pity on the people of God and I loose the Spirit of Adoption upon them, in Jesus Mighty name.  Amen!
There are only 2 weeks left until the "Women's Conference".  This is a FREE event and I am   travelling from Georgia back to my hometown Chi-town!  I am so excited about what the Lord has in store for all of us.  God would not be sending me thousands of miles away and not have a blessing for you.  Don't let the enemy keep you bound and away from this event.

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