Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  Today's message is another blessing from the Lord to you.  I should say us because I just realized that the messages on FAITH this week are for me.

I have heard horror stories from many saints of God about how they were tested by God, when they ask Him to increase or strengthen their FAITH.  At that point I was dead set on not asking God for any spiritual gifts and definitely not asking God to increase my FAITH.  In fear of what I would have to endure has kept me from asking for a boost in the area of FAITH on this spiritual journey.  There have been quite a few tribulations and storms that I have overcome through God.  In truth, I should be dead.  I decided that I would ask God to strengthen my FAITH.  I realize that I need a little more to be able to make it through this next level in my spiritual journey. 
While on my walk and talk time with God, He gave me an awesome revelation, something to ponder on, which really blessed by spirit.  I listened carefully to the Spirit of the Lord (Holy Spirit).  He said, "Promises that you make are  only able for you to keep because they are contingent on someone else keeping their promise".  Meaning if I tell someone that I will give them fifty dollars, once I get paid, then that promise is contingent upon someone else.  If that person doesn't keep their promise, then I cannot keep my promise.  In fact, any promises that we make to someone will always going to be contingent on someone or something else, which means that promises made to you or from you can be broken.

God has promised through His Word that the fruit of your womb is blessed.  When your children are going their own wayward way, you need to speak that word over their life.  I don't care what age your child is, you still need to speak the Word of God over them.  Just as God has a plan and purpose for your child, so does Satan.  It is never too late to start speaking the Word of God over your children.  Mother, God knows your children far better than you do.

Woman of God, God knows your husband far better than you do.  He created your husband.  If you are at a point in your marriage where you feel overwhelmed and things seem to be at a point where communication seems to always in up in an argument; pray asking God to reveal to you the correct way to speak to your husband that will not lead into an argument.  Most couples have a hard time communicating only because one person thinks that the other person is saying something that they really are not.  Speak the Word of God over your marriage and believe God will keep His promise.

You may not see the hand of God working in your marriage or your children, but a promise is a promise and it will always come to pass.  Lean on God, have FAITH that if He said it, it's a promise.  Those who God regards as righteous trust in Him alone, resting wholly in His promises that He will accomplish His purposes even when that seems impossible from a human perspective.

God says, "I am not a man. I am the Creator, not the creation.  I don't rely on anyone (any man) to
to keep my promises to you, my daughter.  My Word is My Word, it will not come back to Me void (undone).  My promise to you is never contingent on man.  My promise is my Word.  Again, I need no one else.   Though it may tarry, it shall surely come to pass.  Trusting that God will do what He says He will do will always increase your FAITH.  I Am, that I Am.

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