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Mighty Woman of God, I thank and praise God for each of you daily and that you are overcoming adversities daily by the power of God.
(Corinthians 12:8-10).  This is according to the Matthew Henry KJV Study Bible.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit, to whom He gives as He pleases.
To one was given the Word of Wisdom, that is, a knowledge of the mysteries of the gospel, and ability to explain them, an exact understanding of the design, nature, and doctrines, of the Christian faith.  Others say an uttering of grave sentences, like Solomon's proverbs.  (2) The Word of Knowledge.  The knowledge of mysteries, Ch. 2:13; wrapped up in the prophecies types and histories of the O.T.  Others say, a skill and readiness to give advice and counsel in perplexed cases. (3) To another, Faith.  That is, the faith of miracles, or a faith in the divine power and promise, by which they were enabled to trust God in any emergency, and go on in the way of their duty, and acknowledge and profess the truths of Christ, whatever was the difficulty of danger. (4) The Gift of Healing.  That is, healing the sick, either by laying on of hands, anointing with oil, or with a word. (5) The Working of Miracles.  The efficacies of powers, such as raising the dead, restoring the blind to sight, giving speech to the dumb, hearing to the deaf, and the use of limbs to the lame. (6) To another, Prophecy.  That is, the ability to foretell future events, which is the more usual sense of prophecy; or to explain scripture by a peculiar gift of the Spirit. (7) The Discerning of Spirits.  Power to distinguish between true and false prophets, or to discern the real and internal qualifications of any person for an office, or to discover the inward workings of the mind by the Holy Ghost, As Peter did those of Ananias, Acts 5:3. (8) Divers kinds of Tongues.  The ability to speak languages by inspiration (unlearned languages). (9) Interpretations of Tongues.  The ability to render foreign languages readily and property into their own.
Woman of God, a lot of you already have some of those gifts listed above.  There are two reasons why you are not operating in those gifts. 1) You don't believe that the Holy Spirit has answered your prayer for asking Him for the gifts or (2) You have not tapped into the Holy Spirit for the power to use your gift.  If God has promised you the gift that you have asked for, you have to believe that He has done it.  The problems may be that you don't leave yourself open to receive the gift.  Now you might being saying, "I do leave myself open".  But now consider this:  There are several times that the Holy Spirit will attempt to lead you into something that you are not used to doing or are not comfortable doing because it does not feel right or you have never seen anyone else in church led to do that.  I'm talking about something simple, but yet supernatural.  We are so caught up in whether or not someone will think that we are strange or that we have never seen anyone do this or that.  So we tend to put God in a box; only willing to do or say what we deem as regular.
Depending on the ministry that God has chosen for you, you will get whatever gift you need to complete God's work in you.  Maybe one, maybe more than one, but the Spirit of the Lord will complete you with the gifts that you will need for His kingdom and to ministry about Him to the lost.  I received my gifts in pieces. I did not know I had certain gifts inside of me, but they began to come out when needed.  In order to pray for people effectively, I needed the gifts of tongues (of course, I didn't know it, but I stayed open to be used).  The gift of prophecy was also needed as a prayer warrior, because some people will not tell you exactly what they are dealing with, so God touched my ears and I began to hear and speak what I hear Him saying to me.  God touched my tongue so that my speech became sharp.  This may all seem weird to you, and if I had not experienced it for myself, I would have to agree with you.  My purpose for telling you this is not that I be lifted up, but to let you know that whatever ministry God has planned for you, He will give you whatever gifts you will need to accomplish His will.  Never, ever, ever, think that you can minister to people on your own power.  That is a recipe for disaster.  Never, ever, ever, take the credit for yourself.  WARNING: If you have the gift of prophecy, be very careful of people that will call themselves your friends.  People tried to use me as a psychic (made me very upset), usually we don't have many friends.
I am a Prayer Warrior.  While in circle holding hands, the leader of the Prayer Ministry began to anoint everyone in the circle as we stood praying.  I was not used to this sort of thing but I stayed open because I didn't want to seem strange by breaking the circle, but I was afraid.  I peeked to see what was happening and I saw people falling to their knees and stretched out on the floor.  As she continued around the room, time came close for me to be anointed and I was contemplating whether or not to break the circle.  I decided to relax and let go, the moment I did that, she anointed me and down I went.  When I got up, I noticed everyone around me was speaking in tongues.  I was not sure of it then, but I stayed opened.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit which seemed to touch my lips and I opened my mouth and began to speak in tongues.  As soon as I heard it, I stopped, because I thought that people where going to look at me.  I did not sound like everyone else, but I stayed open.
A lot of people in the church have the desire to possess some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  There is nothing wrong with that.  The problem comes in when you are desiring these gifts for your own gratification or glory for yourself.  The Holy Spirit gives these gifts to edify the church, to build up the church and to build up other saints.  He will not give you a gift that you will not be a good steward over.  To whom much is given, much is required.  PRAISE GOD!

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