Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Good morning, Mighty woman of God!  I pray that you are all blessed and highly favored of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today's message is an OUCH message.  I know you ladies like the feel good messages, so when you get to an OUCH, just say, "She must be talking about someone else".
(Psalms 27:5), For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion: the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me: He shall set me up upon a rock.
Okay my sister's in Christ Jesus, here we go, remember, if this message hurts too much, just say, "My friend needs to read this message.
The bible has so many scriptures about how good God is to His sheep (us).  How God comes to our rescue over and over again.  How gracious God is towards us.  The bible also has a lot of scriptures about God hiding us in His bosom.  One thing that is not written in the bible is that God will help us in our time of drama.  There is a hug difference between TROUBLE and DRAMA.
Trouble can come upon us because of the way of this world.  Because the enemy has been hurled down to the earth, we encounter times of trouble.  Psalms 27:5, God will hide us in times of trouble and put us upon a rock.  God will hide you from the enemy, so that he will not find us.  The devil sets he eyes on us and our family and there are certain circumstances that may rise up because of that.  There are times when we have done all that we can do and we still end up in times of distress, that's just the way that things go.  During the times of trouble, it is up to us to continue to hold on to our faith in God.  It's up to us to continue to pray, praise and worship God.  And as we wait patiently, through faith, we know that all things will work together for them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.
Drama can come upon us when we don't do all that we should according to the Word of God.  Some of us bring about drama in our lives that is surely not caused by God.  Some of us have so much drama in our lives that we push God into a box and He will not move on our behalf.  We call out to God to help us with the drama in our lives that we have caused.  I people always say that God's hands are never tied and that God can do anything.  Well, this is true in some instances.  We tie God's hands by not allowing Him to change our dramatic situations.  When God gives us opportunity after opportunity to get our lives in order and we still settle for the drama in our lives, we tie God's hands.  What are some of the drama that some of us have?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Too much drama in our lives can cause us to post things that should be secret on Facebook.  We curse people out on Facebook, like people really care if you don't like someone.  We fight over a man that doesn't deserve you on Facebook.  We drive around looking for our man all night or scratching up cars, destroying our own property because of drama.  We don't speak to our friends anymore because they stopped listening to your drama.  Cursing and fussing every time you think that you deserve the blessings that God gave to someone else.  Some women aren't happy unless they are created more and more drama in their lives.
Again, there are countless scriptures in the bible that's written about how God will help us in our time of need or trouble.  God is not concerned with your drama, nor is God going to keep waiting for you to decide whether or not you want to give up causing drama in your life.  There is no way that you can have a healthy relationship with God or another else, if you keep the drama.  PRAISE GOD!

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