Thursday, September 19, 2013


Good morning, Mighty woman of God!  I speak blessings of peace in your life and that you will walk under the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  May you prosper as you follow after Him.
(Psalms 119:105), Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalms 119:106), Amplified, I have sworn (an oath) and have confirmed it, that I will keep your righteous ordinances (hearing, receiving loving and obeying them.
I love the Word of God.  I love the fact that the Holy Spirit has a way of bringing the scriptures to light even in today's time.  Even though our circumstances and situations may change from day to day, the Holy Word of God does not.
The other day the Holy Spirit gave me a parable about escalators.  Now you have to put on your spiritual caps and just envision this message.  Do you remember the first time you got on an escalator?  Were you afraid that the stairs would suck you right in?  Imagine being a child and your father is holding your hand before getting on the escalators.  You have  never been on an escalator before, but you are watching the stairs go way up in the sky.  It seems as though the stairs are just disappearing and re-appearing right before your eyes.  You don't want to express to your father that you are afraid to get on the escalator, so you begin to hold his hands a little bit tighter.  You  don't fully understand how to get on and how to get off the escalator.  But you do notice that the stairs are disappearing and going somewhere that you cannot see.  You think to yourself that if you don't get off in time you will be sucked in and you don't know where you will end up.  So you trust your father to guide you on and off the stairs.
Woman of God, our Christian life is somewhat like those escalator stairs.  The moment that we become a Christian we are excited.  It's just something about knowing that Jesus Christ is your Lord and your Salvation.  It's just something about knowing that Jesus will be with you everyday.  As you ride up to the top of the escalator you are trusting your father that he will help you once you get to the top.  As soon as you get to the top, just before the escalator stairs disappear, your father says JUMP!  And you jump.  Now, I know that you are following what I am saying, because if you think about the times that you get on an escalators with your child; when you get to the top, you say jump and they jump.
After awhile your child gets used to riding the escalator because they realize that they won't get sucked in to nowhere.  They have learned how to get on and off of the escalator ride.  It may take a couple of rides to get it down-packed but eventually they are even excited about the ride.
God wants you to get excited about your spiritual ride with Him as your Heavenly Father.  God wants you to live just like a child that gets on an escalator holding their fathers hand all the way to the top.  God wants you to allow Him to guide your footsteps all the way to the top.  God wants you to trust Him to get you through any anxieties that you may have today.  Trust Him to tell you will to JUMP.  And when your Heavenly Father says, "JUMP", you are leaping over your adversary (the devil).  You are jumping into your blessing from your Heavenly Father.  You are jumping over that mountain in your way.  You are jumping right into your spiritual gifts.  AMEN!
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