Thursday, September 12, 2013


Good Morning, Mighty woman of God.  I pray that you are blessed and highly favored by our Lord Jesus Christ.  I speak blessings of the Lord's favor upon your life and that you finish this spiritual race and gain righteousness by our Lord.
Today is one of those feel good messages.  I know that everyone does not like to hear bad news all the time, whether it is worldly or spiritual.  So today I have a funny story to share with you.
Most of you have probably heard of Valley Kingdom Ministries, Int'l.  That is the church that I came from and grew in Christ.  My family and I were there when they were just in South Holland and was called New Christian Valley.  I was at the ribbon cutting ceremony in Oak Park.  Anyway, here's my story.
As a prayer warrior in the church we were all assigned certain Sundays to go in the prayer room and pray while Apostle Wilson was preaching the word.  Most people don't even know that the room back there even exist.  Well, it was my turn to pray while he preached the word.  We have to pray the whole time that Apostle Wilson is giving the message, no matter how long it may take.  Sometimes there may be more that one of us in the prayer room.  Before Apostle gets into the sanctuary he comes in that room, to kneel and prayer for a minute, then he leaves.  This particular Sunday, I felt so honored to be in that room when he came in for his few minutes.  So I say to myself, he's going to be real proud of me, knowing that I'm in this room praying for him.  I was used to praying for hours because  of my prayer closet in my own home.  I would be in there for hours, just worshipping, praising and praying.
Anyway, I in there just praying up a storm.  Prayer every prayer that I could think of.  Sometimes kneeling and sometimes just walking around, you know, just doing whatever the Spirit led me to do.  I kneel down on the three steps, thinking to myself that I am going to just lay there on the stoops spread out in prayer.  I stayed there for quite awhile.  I had no idea how much time had passed and there is no clock in the room.  All of a sudden the door opened and  the service was over.  I feel asleep.  Yep, I feel asleep for about 1 1/2 hours.  I only prayed for about 20 minutes.  I was knocked out sleep on those stoops. 
As I started to leave out of the room I started crying. "Oh Lord, I'm so sorry!. Help me Lord!  Please forgive me!  I'm so sorry! I'm saying all this while I am literally crying as I left to go home.  I thought that because of me, the Apostle and the whole church was in trouble because they were counting on me and I let God down and all the people in the church.  "Please forgive me Lord".  Oh Lord, take me now".  I truly thought that God would never hire me again to pray for anyone.  I also thought that God was going punish me harshly.  I felt bad the whole day.
The point of me telling this story is that, once my life with God got stronger, I realized just how merciful and loving that our God truly is.  He is not sitting up in heave taking notes on how many times we are called to do something and don't do it, or may not get it right.  I had to know in my heart that God knew that I was going to fall asleep.  God knew that I was going to fall asleep way before I was even born and way before I was even thought of in existence.
Today, the Lord wants you to understand with your spiritual being and all that is within you that He knows all things that you were going to do before you were born and He still chose you.  He still chose to give you life through your mother.  God knew you and God knows you.  There is not always a punishment for not getting something right, when you try to do your best.  The key phase is "WHEN YOU TRY TO DO YOUR BEST".  I laugh about that story all the time.  I could imagine the Lord sitting in heaven, shaking His head and laughing too.  Don't ever think that God is going to disown you because you made a mistake.  He is not taking notes on you or else He would have run out of legal pads on me.  When you are doing your best, God will bless your best.  PRAISE THE LORD!

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