Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hello, my daughters and sister's in Christ Jesus.  Today I pray that you not only read the message, but that you are blessed as you strive to run this Christian race, whole-hardly.
I got such a revelation from the Lord today.  You know me, I have to set the scene for you.
Sometimes we can be in such a hurry for God to bless us that we make the wrong decisions concerning our lives.  One of two things keeps us away from the promises of God.  (1): we are tired of waiting on God, (2), we don't trust God's Word.
A lot of times we tell people that we are praying for this or that to happen.  You say to yourself or your friends, "I'm waiting on God to makes some changes in my life so that I can move forward in my life.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that, except we are looking at our waiting time all wrong. 
What do you mean Evangelist?  Glad you asked.  You can have a close relationship with God and you pray everyday.  That's great!  But a lot of you are asking for something from God that you already have the ability to receive, but you got out of line.  Some of you are waiting on God, but God is waiting for you.

Imagine yourself at the grocery store and your line doesn't seem to be moving.  "You first thought is why your line isn't moving, and then you begin to look around to find a shorter line.  In the midst of all your waiting, you keep moving from line to line, hoping that you will find a shorter line.  Eventually you might just put the one or two things that are in your basket back and leave the store.
Woman of God, my message to you today is "GET IN LINE".  God is saying, He has everything lined up for you, and all you have to do, is to "GET IN LINE and STAY IN LINE".  Just like at the grocery store, somebody else's line looks better than ours.  So we forget about God's line because we think that it is taking too lone.  We end up in the friend, boyfriend, alcohol, or blunt line.  If you are impatient or think that you are running out of time, you will not line up with God and therefore you will miss the mark.  Just like that line at the grocery store, we think that God is not moving fast enough so we give up our spot in line, hoping that another cashier will open up another line.  Some times we can be on the edge of getting that blessing and then we get out of line.
Make up in your mind that you are going to stay in your line, stay in your lane as if your life depends on it.  And trust me, you life does depend on it.   BE BLESSED!
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