Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I speak the Lord's blessings over you on today.  Peace, joy and love during this holiday season!
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God is so awesome in His wisdom.  The Lord's parable to you today is concerning your spirituality.  He has blessed me with this message for myself and I want to share the message with you.
Once we decide to not only accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and invite Him into our hearts and our lives; we should not stop there.  Meaning at least giving it our best shot of trying to live right; we step over an imaginary line.
Now I want you to visualize what I am saying, with your spiritual caps on.  Imagine you stepping over an imaginary line and immediately stopping once both of your feet are planting over that line.  Imagine standing at a place where you could easily step either your right or left foot backwards, with the line in between your right and left foot. 
God's says, "The longer you stay in a position where you are on the border of stepping backwards into your old ways, old habits and old ways of thinking; you are in trouble spiritually.  You are putting yourself and your spirituality in jeopardy.  Yes, you have stepped over the line of your past but you must not stay there or stop there.  The enemy is constantly going to and fro seeking whom he can devour and because you have stepped over that line; he is angry.  If you stay where you are you will not have any bargaining room.  Meaning, if you slip up and fall slightly backwards you will end up on the wrong side of the line.
One of the ways that you can make sure that you keep moving forward; once you have crossed that line is to stay in constant contact with the Lord.  If you stay barely over that Satan knows that all he has to do is send small fiery darts your way.  Those small fiery darts can come in any type of form.  For instance, abusive boyfriend, drinking, drugs, bad for you friends, etc.  Even though you know in your heart that you are better off with God in your sight and Satan in your rear view, your flesh is still fighting with your heart.  Constant prayer, worship and praise will strengthen your heart and allow you to get pass your flesh making all your decisions.  PRAISE GOD!
Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for Your Son that died for me.  Jesus Christ died so that I can live and live a victorious life over Satan.  Father, my prayer today is that you give me the strength that I need to keep moving forward.  I don't want to stay where I am, my hearts desire is to keep moving forward with all of your best in my heart.  I thank you Lord that even though I may fall back you won't let me go as long as I keep you in my sight.  Thank you Father for your love in Jesus name, Amen!

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