Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I pray that you have been blessed by "Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry" and the Lord's messages.  I speak peace into your lives and pray that your relationship with the Lord is growing during your spiritual journey.
You were raised in the church.  Your parents went every chance they had the opportunity.  You sang in the choir and went to church revivals.  You have a voice for the Lord and you read your bible faithfully.  You prayed for others and watched as the Lord God did miraculous things in their lives.  The only time you weren't in church was when the doors were locked.  You had a personally relationship with the Lord.  There was no way that you would even think of living your life without His presence.
A woman's downfall always seems to be a man, or significant other.  Satan knows that one by heart.  He doesn't even have to doubt whether or not you will fall when he sends the right person in your direction.  We get blind-sided by love, lust, loneliness, money and other things that will not last in the long run.  You're no longer with the man that used to care about you, when you first met.  Your love for him has not changed but his love for you has turned into emotional and mental abuse.  He moved into your home with you or you and your children and now he just stops by.  You don't know where he is for days, but when he shows up with the perfect story, you are all of a sudden just happy to see him.  You don't want to mention where's he's been and that womans intuition tells you that he is definitely lying about whatever comes out of his mouth.  You don't say anything, in fear that he will leave for a couple of more days again.
He somehow convinces you that you are just a jealous person and are out of your mind.  The truth is, you are out of your mind because you keep going through the same thing over and over again, hoping that things will change.  Things will not change for him, because he's happy.  Things won't change for you, because you have been blinded by the enemy.  You know it, but fear keeps you in that revolving door cycle; in love, out of love, in love, out of love. You have been told that he is the best thing you will ever have, says him.  No one else will treat you better and you will be alone, say him.  For some reason, you have not realized that you are already alone and a good man will never treat you the way that he does. 
All of a sudden, you realize that you don't even know where your bible is and you don't have one gospel song to listen to.  What happened?  How did I get here?  When did I let go of Jesus?  Will Jesus forgive me and accept me back?
I have asked myself those same questions.  The only answer I could come up with was that Jesus would forgive me and take me back if I ask Him. I have to run and not walk to Him, begging Jesus to have mercy on me.  Pleading with Him to help me out of the relationship with a man that will take me to hell with him, if I don't find my way back.  I no longer asked myself, how did I get here, I just wanted to know if I could make it back.  I stopped looking for a man to make me me happy, I had to wait for God to send me a man of God.

Sometimes you can go through this life so fast, that you will forget what is really important.  God has a purpose for you, way before you were conceived and the enemy has a way of taking you for the detour of you life. God's purpose and perfect will for your life will ultimately get the victory if you have started and the right place, you won't have to ask yourself, "how did I get here?"  Just know that you don't have to stay there.  GOD BLESS YOU!
Heavenly Father, forgive me, I have strayed.  I did not stay on the course that YOU set before me, I trusted man and not YOU.  Forgive me Lord Jesus for not accepting your love for me. I pray now Lord Jesus that I accept Your love for me.  I will take one step at a time and always keep You in my heart, in Jesus name, Amen.

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