Friday, April 27, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you and pray for you daily.  I pray that you have been blessed by the daily devotions and you are truly growing in the Lord.

I have had some grade school teachers that I though were just brutal.  They gave homework on Fridays and test on Tuesdays, now who does that?  No, I am not going to talk about school teachers today.

In my opinion, the most brutal teacher that you will ever run into, is "experience".  Experience can be a brutal teacher if you don't learn a lesson.  If you think back over your life, I can assure you that life has taught you a lot about that teacher.  Once you began to go through that journey called life "experience" will ultimately be your best teacher.   If you don't learn by experience you will not learn your lesson.

Experience taught me that not everyone in the church that says, "hallelujah" will treat you like a Christian.  Experience has taught me that not everyone you come in contact with can be called your friend, they are acquaintances. I have been taught that doing recreational drugs can quickly become a habit and will start a downward spiral in your life.  I quickly learned that every man that says "I love you", really means "until we finish".  I had to learn that "I do", only meant "for now".  I quickly learned that just because we have a child together, didn't mean we were a family.  I was pushed into learning that forgiveness can sometimes only go one way.  An abortion does not make you feel better, it will just make you think of the possibility that is no longer there for the world.

I learned that God loves me no matter what I've done.  I have experienced the move of the Holy Spirit in my life.  I learned that prayer does change a lot of things.  I learned that if I just seek and His righteousness first, all things will be added to me.  I have experienced God changing my childrens circumstances around for His glory.  I have first hand experience that if I trust God with all my heart then He will move mountains on my behalf.  I have learned how to trust God in the midst of a storm in my life.  I know what it's like to experience speaking in an unknown tongues.

Here's the message: Look in the mirror and call yourself a teacher.  What qualifies you to tell your children about life? EXPERIENCE!  What qualifies you to minister to someone on the street? EXPERIENCE!

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