Sunday, May 27, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I'm sure you know what 'Caller I.D.' is. Refresher; when your phone rings, a message comes up with the callers identification. The callers name and number comes up on your screen. I'm going over this because some of us have had it for so long, that we may have forgot the purpose or don't really care, just glad to have it.

Imagine that God had a phone. Imagine that God would answer prayers, by phone. Now, here we go. You call on the Lord and He looks at His phone and the 'caller I.D'. says unknown number. Your friend that goes to church every Sunday makes a call and the 'caller I.D'. says 1800 number. You have another friend that doesn't attend church regularly, but is on her face everyday in prayer and constant communication with the Lord, that makes a call and 'caller I.D.' says, Jane Doe. All three of these calls come in at the same time.

If it were you, you would probably answer the call that you recognize first. You're not going to put your friend on hold because she's crying and need your help now. So the other two calls go straight to missed call.

My question for you today is, Does God have you on His 'caller I.D'. or will you be a missed call? The first person calls on the Lord just whenever she has a problems, the second calls only when shes in church and the third person calls all the time (whether in church or not).
The bible says in 'seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all its righteousness and these things will be added unto you.
This scripture simply means, instead of always asking God for something, everyday, one thing after another, like He's our spiritual Santa Claus) we are to seek Him daily all .....things will be given to us. What things? Whatever your hearts desire. You see God knows what you are in need of, way before you ask. Try just worshipping and praising Him for one week (not asking for anything) and watch what the Lord will do for you.

I don't just sit here and type because I have nothing else to do. I do it because of my love for the people of God and the ministry. God wants to birth something new in all of us, and everyday that I leave His message, I am also blessed with a message. Jesus is a part of me and if you are reading these messages that He has for you, then at least try what He gives me to give to you. Again, I am serious about the Lord and I don't play with God's people. This Blog is to glorify God, not me. I am just being obedient. LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your messages on today. I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. Lord, today I want to just love on You. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I worship and adore You. You are splendid in all Your ways. Thank you, Lord for Your Blood that covers me. Lord, You know all my wants and needs on today, so I am just going to give You praise for everything You have done for me in the past and going to do in the future. Lord, if You don't do anything else for me, Your dying for me is already enough. Lord Jesus, help me to have a closer relationship with you, that the day I call upon Your name, I will be recognized as Your child. Lord Jesus, You alone deserve all the honor. I Love You, in Jesus Name. AMEN.

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