Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank you for reading the Lord's messages.  My prayer for you and this ministry is that you are blessed by the Word of God and that you are truly growing spiritually in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love rocking chairs.  You can sit in a rocking chair and fall asleep.  I have used a rocking chair to put my children to sleep. Babies love to be rocked to sleep.  Rocking chairs can serve a lot of different purposes.  ROCKING IN A CHAIR GIVES YOU SOMETHING TO DO . . .  BUT IT GETS YOU NOWHERE.

Yes, a rocking chair gives you something to do; but you don't get anywhere rocking back and forth.  Some of us our living our Christian life like a rocking chair.  You only attend church on Sundays just because it is Sunday.  Limiting your Christian walk to just praising and worshipping on Sundays gives you something to do; but it will ultimately get you nowhere.

The point that I am trying to make is that you need to seek God more than just on Sundays.  If you are only limiting your prayer life to Sundays, you are selling yourself short.  You are missing out on a lot of blessings from the Lord.  Your Christian walk should consist of constant prayer and praise to God.  If you are only going back and forth to Sunday services, you are not reaping the full benefits of the Holy Spirit in your life.  The only thing you are doing is going back and forth in circumstances in your life.  You are preached happy on Sunday, but what do you do to keep the Spirit of the Lord resting upon you during the rest of the week.

To be a Christian is simply saying that you want to be Christ-like.  Jesus Christ did not simply teach or heal because of a special day of the week.  Jesus walked teaching and healing on a daily basis.  He prayed to God the Father on daily basis.  He had a relationship with the disciples, not just on Sundays.  The pharisees tried to put Him in jail because he performed a miracle on the Sabbath.  I am sure that you are expecting God to bless you everyday.  And everyday that you wake up in your right mind is a blessing from God.  God does not limit His blessings, favor, grace or mercy to a particular day.  Don't limit yourself to just prayer, worship or praise to a particular day.  You need to move into the spot where God can use you to be a testimony of His love towards us.  Don't treat your Christian walk to just moving back and forth, you just need to move forth.  Allow the Lord to use you to be a blessing to someone else, that's what being a Christian is all about.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I pray that you help me to move forth in my walk with You.  My desire is to have a closer walk with you.  I am a Christian and would like to be more like Christ.  I no longer want to be a Christian just on Sundays.  Lord, I pray that you remove any obstacles in my life that is keeping me from glorifying You the way you deserve, in Jesus name, Amen.

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