Monday, May 28, 2012


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you and pray continously for you and your spiritual journey with the Lord.

I want you to know that sometimes I find it difficult to share my testimony with the ministry.  The reason why I do it, is because I follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.  I tell my testimony because I want to help as many young ladies in the ministry that I can by letting you know that God is merciful.  God could have dealt with me a lot more harsh than He did during my days of partying (so to say).  I use myself as an example because you have to know that God can and will use you for His glory if you decide to turn your life around.  If you decide to judge me, than that's on you but if you decide to look at my testimony to help you in your spiritual journey than you will reach heights in the Lord than you have ever known to be possible.

I often ask God why He wants me to tell certain stories of my life to the public.  That is really what I am doing, taking a big leap of faith for the women of God.  I love the Lord and I also love to ministry to you the best way I know how.  My desire for you is that you will not have to suffer some of the same things that I have, if you have knowledge.  So, if be my testimonies, I can help just one person, then I am overjoyed and will gladly throw myself under the bus.  I have noticed that most of the women in this ministry are between the ages of 25-35, those are very crucial moments in a woman life.  So I am being obediant to God praying that you can be delivered and set free from a lot of circumstances in your life.

If you are reading this now, or today, I want you to tune in tomarrow for the daily message.  The reason why I am writing this now, is because tomarrows message is going to be very difficult for me but I will tell you another one of my stories.  Tune in tomarrow, the Lord has a powerful message for you.

I love you with the love of the Lord and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

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