Monday, April 22, 2013


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I speak blessings of peace, love and joy upon your life.  May you be blessed abundantly by our Lord Jesus Christ as you follow after Him.
(Psalms 145:8) The Lord is gracious and full of compassion slow to anger and of great mercy.
I can't seem to read my bible.  I feel like I have really messed things up so badly this time.  I know that God has nothing good for me today.  I messed up everything in the Word of God.  All the things that I should not have done, I did.  The things I should have done, I did not.  Surely God has turned His back on me this time.  I have let Him down for the last time, promises I just did not keep.  There is nothing good in my flesh.  My desire is to keep my promises to Him, but I feel as if they are just empty promises.  Does God see me as a liar, never keeping my promises to Him to change my life? What's the point of praying?  He is not going to listen to me anymore.  God will not meet me in my prayer closet today.  I've really done it this time.
I wrote that in my journal on July 19, 2010.  Here I am three years later, with my first published book and so many more blessings from the Lord.  The Spirit of the Lord led me to that scripture as I hung my head down, searching the scriptures that would speak to my spirit.
Apostle Paul is reminded that sin will always be in the world, crouching at our doors, waiting for an opening.  Apostle Paul was once a murderer and a tax collector before he became a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Satan is always waiting for us to mess up, and make us feel so ashamed and think that the Lord has turned His back on us.  Let me encourage you, "I'll will never leave nor forsake you", thus saith the Lord.  The devil is a liar and a deceiver, that's his job.  Satan is constantly going to and fro in the heavens accusing the saints of God; but we have a High Priest sitting on the right hand of God, interceding on our behalf.
Mighty woman of God, the next time you feel like you have MESSED UP so badly, think about this: We serve a compassionate, merciful and longsuffering God.  God is not like your friends, spouse or family members that might get so mad at you and turn their backs on you.  God will never tell you to come back when you got your life together.  There is nothing that you did in the past or will do in the future that will surprise Him.  No that's the kind of God we serve.  The Lord is omniscient (knows all).  He has already made provision for your mistakes and shortcomings.  The next time the devil whispers in your ear, that you are not good enough, and tries to remind you about your shortcomings or your past, you remind him that Jesus Christ the Messiah, defeated him, took the keys of hell from him and made a spectacle of him in the eyes of all his demonic spirits, and that you sins are all PAID IN FULL.  Then you begin to praise God for He endless mercy that He gives to you.  AMEN!
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