Thursday, April 25, 2013


Good morning, Mighty Woman of God!  I pray that you have a blessed and fruitful day and that you gain favor of the Lord Jesus Christ as you follow after Him.
(James 4:12), there is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy; who art thou that judgest another?
About ten years ago I had a job where one of my co-workers continuously came to work with the smell of alcohol on her breath.  I mean her pores reaped with alcohol.  I would get so upset that I would spend the entire morning thinking about how horrible of a person she must have been because she was an alcoholic.
One day, on my way home for lunch, all I thought about was how awful she smelled, and wondering why she would come to work smelling like that.  Why don't she go to rehab?  The moment I got in the house and began making my lunch, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?  Did you forget how mudding and nasty you smelled?  Did you forget about the drinking and drugs I deliver you from?  I say you and I still loved you and show you My compassion.  YES, through all your mess.  How dare you judge someone else.  I bought you out to bring others out, to be a living testimony of My love and mercy for My people."
I am so glad that God waited for me to get from behind the wheel of my car before He spoke those words to me.  I probably would have had an accident, because the voice seemed so loud.  I used to be judgmental of people and I did not know how bad it had become until God spoke to me on that day.
Woman of God, the Lord can't use you if you are judging other shortcomings.  You are not perfect, but with God's help, you are in the process of being perfected.  It is very easy to sit back and look at another person's situation and be judgmental.  You are standing on the outside looking in at someone else's life and the have made up in your mind that she/he is no good and that their sin stinks more than your does.  You don't have that right.  You don't have the right to turn up your nose at someone else, just because you are not in that particular situation.  I am sure that you have been delivered from something, (smoking, drugs, shacking, friends with benefits, profanity, whoremonger, etc.). Remember where you came from and who brought you out of you sinful nature.  God could have left you spiritually dead but He decided that your testimony would be a blessing and not harmful to someone else.
I have heard a lot of women say, "I'm not judging her but . . .".  When what you are really saying is, "I am better than she is, I would never do this or that, I have never sinned and I have never needed God to deliver me from anything, I'm so perfect.  One more thing, be very careful when you stick your nose up in the air at your fellow sister because God could take His hands off of you and Satan can easily put you in that same situation.  You won't even see it coming.
Here's a message for all you perfect people out there, Judgment Day has not come just yet and when it does there will be only ONE JUDGE, HE WHO GIVES LIFE!  PRAISE GOD!
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