Monday, April 1, 2013


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!  Today I felt the need to send to you an excerpt from my new book.  It has really been a blessing to me and has helped me in my home.  The miracle of this message is that the Holy Spirit gave me the message after prayer.  I typed exactly what the Spirit of the Lord gave to me.  I pray that it will be an on time message for some, if not all of you.

(Proverbs 16:18-19), Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.  It is better to live humbly with the poor than to share plunder with the proud.

 Mighty woman of God, sometimes you just have to swallow it.  Swallow it, what do you mean?  Glad you asked, PRIDE! 

I have had a hard time with this one myself.  Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and just be quiet or say I'm sorry to keep the peace in your home and life.  At times you are going to have to have a big throat, so get a tall glass of water and swallow your pride.

I used to be the type of person that despised saying the words, "I'm sorry".  I tried very hard to avoid doing anything that would cause me to say those two little words.  That didn’t go over so well.  Don't feel bad, I am still working on that pride thing too.

The reason why the scripture says that pride goes before destruction is because, if you are prideful, then you will ultimately be destructive.  It is very hard for women to swallow our pride because: (1) we may be right (2) we have to have the last word (3) just like confusion.  It's definitely in one of those categories.

If you have a problem with the spirit of pride, you should pray that the Lord will release in you a spirit of humility.  God cannot use a woman with a prideful spirit, but He can and will use a woman that walks in a spirit of humility.

A woman that is prideful is also vain; neither of the two is of God. You might find that the more humble in spirit you are the more blessed you will be.  You might mess up but you have to keep trying to get rid of that prideful spirit, it is of the enemy.  Pride has been the cause of a lot of wars in this world, so it will definitely cause a war in your home.  Jesus says, to follow Him, we must pick up our cross and walk.  That means you must die to your old nature and put Jesus Christ first.  When dealing with pride, you must learn to put other people before yourself.  Once you begin to put others first, you will also develop compassion for others.

I know that there will be occasions when you are too angry to apologize, get your tall glass of water and start swallowing.  God’s desire is for you to be perfected so that you can be effective.  Once you start swallowing all that pride your throat may become as big as a basketball.  Swallowing all that pride will soften your heart and you will have gained a friend, JESUS CHRIST!  I think that is a small price to pay, don't you?  PRAISE GOD!  AMEN!

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