Monday, August 19, 2013


Good Morning, Mighty woman of God!  Happy Monday!  I thank God each day for you and your prayers for me.  The Lord has blessed me with this ministry, for over a year and I continue to learn and grow through Him.
I come up with these catchy little titles sometimes while in my devotion time with the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes I laugh when there is a kinda funny message and sometimes I cry when He gives me an OUCH message, because sometimes the message is for me too.  Depending on where you are in Christ, this can be a laugh or OUCH message.  Enjoy!
Yesterday I was reading in the book of John and what caught my attention was Jesus asking the disciples, "Do you love me".  He asked that question three times, "Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me".  Jesus did not say those words back to back because in between asking Peter and others replay was yes.  But I could imagine what they were thinking, when Jesus kept asking them the question as if He didn't hear their answer.  If our parents where to ask us something three times, we would begin to question ourselves, it is just nature for someone to do that.  There was nothing wrong with Jesus' hearing, there was something wrong with the disciples answer.  But then Jesus goes on to say, "If you love me, then feed my sheep".  That is the focus for today's message.  Although it is not titled "Feed my sheep".  You'll see why.  I kept hearing the words, "feed my sheep" from the Lord.  Last night as I read and then again in my devotion time.  Now here's the way that the Spirit of the Lord gave me the message.
I've been out of school for a very long time and it is hard for me to remember all those little "Mother Goose" stories.  There was a series of "Mother Goose" stories and nursery rhymes in books that were fun to read.  The one that the Holy Spirit brought back to my mind was the one about the "Mother Hen".  Stay with me, I'm going somewhere!  Anyway, the mother hen was going to bake a cake.  She had three little kids (chicks) and she asked them, "Who wants cake?"  All three of them got excited and answered, "we do".  So she asked them, "who will help me pick some wheat for the flour".  All three of them came up with excuses as to why they couldn't help.  When she returns home with the wheat, she asked all three, "who will help me gran the wheat for flour".  All three of them came up with excuses that they could not help.  So the mother hen, makes the flour.  After the flour is done, the mother hen asked all three, "who will help me bake the cake".  All three where too busy to help.  So the mother hen bakes it herself.  As hours past and the cake was smelling good, the mother hen checks on the cake and takes it out of the oven.  Then she says to her three chicks (children), "who will help me eat this cake".  All three of them got excited, grabs spoons and shout loudly, "I will, I will, I will".  The mother hens says to them, "NO, you did not want to help me get the wheat, make the flour or bake the cake, so you will NOT eat any cake".
Well, you get the meaning.  Now there is a reason why the Lord had me to give this message.  Especially because I would have never thought about that "Mother Goose" tale of the mother hen.
Jesus' question to you today is, have you feed my sheep.  Sometimes when the Lord ask us to do, say or don't do something, we come up with a bunch of meaningless excuses.  We can't get up early to pray because we went to bed late, tired.  We don't speak to our co-workers about Him.  If people in your everyday circle do not even know that you are a believer of Christ, there is something wrong with that picture.  Jesus says, "Feed my sheep.  Go to the highways and bi-ways".  But so many times we are just to busy to even answer that call to be a vessel.  God is not asking you to do anything, but allow Him to use you as a vessel.  Some people think that they are doing Christ a favor by showing up at church on Sundays, like you will receive a "get out of jail free card".
So my question to you today is, WILL YOU EAT CAKE?  Will you answer the call.  Do whatever it is that is required of you by the Lord so that when it's time to eat, He will not pass you by, you will get a big piece of cake, just because you said, "YES".  GIVE GOD SOME PRAISE TODAY!

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