Monday, May 21, 2012


Good Morning, Mighty Woman of God!

I thank God for each of you in "Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry".  I pray that you are being spiritually fed as you read the Lord's messages on my blog.  God bless you.

I am going to tell you a short story; let's see if you can relate to it.  It has been about 3 months and today you are getting flowers and candy for your trouble.  Why are you getting flowers?  Is it just because I love you, or is it because you gave him another chance?  Three months ago your black eye was covered with makeup so your friends and family will not notice.  Three months ago the police came to your door to arrest him.  Three months ago, you should have gone to court for an order of protection, but you just couldn't because you love him.  Three months ago, he said he would never hit you again.  Three months ago, was the first time anything like that has ever happened in your relationship.

The Cycle:  What is the cycle?  Well, since I have been in a cycle such as this; I can tell you exactly how it goes.  The first time you were hit, you were stunned, you couldn't believe that he would put his hands on you.  He says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I will never do that again if you forgive me".  The next day you get flowers or some other kind of gift to pacify your anger.  He is acting good for the next couple of months.  Things seem to be getting back to normal.  What is normal to you?

Now you are arguing over something fairly simply and he hits you again.  This time you call the police, they take pictures, he goes to jail for 24 hours and you get another court date.  You don't show up again because you love him.  He looks so sorrowful, you can't stand to see him in jail attire.  You don't press charges because you love him.  Even though you have changed the locks, you decide to give him a new key.  He's back in and you get another gift and another, "I'm sorry".  Sometimes the fights get violent and sometimes you are just scared to death that they will.  This is "the cycle".  This cycle of events will never stop.  You are being controlled by this man in every aspect of your life.  You have children by him and you want your children to have a father.

Woman of God, I want you to know that over half the women that are in prison are there because of domestic violence.  You would think that the man should be in prison but he is not because he is no longer around.  You cannot live in an abusive relationship.  You have to think about your safety for your children, they want their mother around, always.  There are countless of women in prison because they had reached their level of "I can't take this anymore".  You never know what your breaking point might be.  There is a strong possibility that you will reach your breaking point and actually kill your abuser.  It is very possible, that is why the prisons are filled with women that have killed their abuser.  There abuser may be a spouse or a father that has sexually abused them.  It is very important to get out of an abusive relationship for your life.  Your children don't want to see their mother being hurt, it can cause mental damage.  I know that it is hard to get out and stay out.  But please consider making a commitment to yourself and children that you deserve better than how you are being treated.  LET US PRAY!

Heavenly Father, I am praying for the women today, that may be in an abusive relationship.  Lord, I am praying for their strength and power to take back their lives.  Lord, I pray for their safety as they try to live a life of peace, without abuse.  Father God, I am asking that you speak to their hearts and let the women know that you have a better life for them.  Father God, I am praying that you get the glory for their deliverance.  Lord, help them every step of the way, in Jesus name, Amen.

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